Dr Tijana Vujosevic

Started at UWA: 2012

Historian of the built environment and award-winning teacher

I have an opportunity to follow my curiosity and interpret the world in an informed and creative way. I encourage inquisitiveness and creativity and want students to be active participants in their learning process. Dr Tijana Vujosevic

Dr Tijana Vujosevic is an internationally recognised architectural historian and award-winning teacher at the UWA School of Design. Originally from Belgrade in Serbia, Dr Vujosevic received her master’s degree in architecture at Yale and her doctorate in architectural history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) before moving to Perth to teach at UWA in 2012.

Interested in the ways in which representations of real and fictional environments shape modern identity, Dr Vujosevic shares her passion and knowledge by engaging her students and colleagues in the quest for new ideas and interpretations of architecture and society.

Dr Vujosevic was awarded a fellowship with the University of Strasbourg for her project ‘Communism, Internationalism, Nature: A Cold War History of Environmental Representation’.

This project explores the connection between environmentalist thought and geopolitics, complementing existing research on cosmopolitanism in Western environmentalism of the 1960s and the 1970s with a study of Second World “socialist internationalism” and its representations of nature.

This work focuses on representations of the human species, prominent menageries as global symbols, and big construction projects which involve huge transformations of the natural landscape. Her project tells the history of this phenomenon from a new perspective.

Dr Vujosevic believes that, in today’s political landscape, the link between cosmopolitanism and environmentalism is key.

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Fellow of the University of Strasbourg Institute of Advanced Study, 2018

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Research monograph, Modernism and the Making of the Soviet New Man, Manchester University Press, 2017

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Awarded the Improving Student Experience Grant, Centre for Education Futures, UWA, 2016




Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Strasbourg, Fellowship

  • ‘Communism, Internationalism, Nature: A Cold War Environmental History’
    Dr Tijana Vujosevic


UWA Research Impact Grant

  • ‘Rediscovering Fremantle Prison’s Crown Theatre: Its History and Potential as a Viable Performance Space'
    Dr Tijana Vujosevic, Dr J Martens, Associate Professor M Porr, Dr G Corall and Ms P Alessi


Distinguished Early Career Research Fellow, Institute of Advanced Studies, UWA

  • ‘Architecture and Fiction’
    Dr Tijana Vujosevic

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Dr Vujosevic teaches in the following units:

Dr Vujosevic has been a research supervisor since 2012, and welcomes students interested in the history of the modern built environment as well as in the cultural history of Eastern Europe.

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