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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Contact Officers

We understand that while studying or working at UWA there may be times where you feel uncomfortable or distressed by the conduct of another member of the University community. 

DEI Contact Officers are employees of the University who perform an important role by being:

  • A source of advice and preliminary support; and
  • An agent of cultural change at the local level

This group of dedicated volunteers are located across different areas of UWA’s campus.  They are a diverse group of people with a wide range of different experiences and include academic and professional/general staff.  

A DEI Contact Officer will maintain appropriate confidentiality and may:

  • Provide information to the staff/student to enable them to make an informed choice as to how to deal with their complaint
  • Provide information about the options available to resolve an individual's concerns
  • Note possible strategies an individual can use to discuss a situation directly with another person
  • Provide the individual with information relating to counselling and/or other support services that they are able to access
  • If the individual wishes to make a formal complaint, provide them with the appropriate information of how this can be completed
  • Document the person's concern in conjunction with the advice and information provided

A DEI Contact Officer cannot:

  • Advocate for a complainant or respondent;
  • Provide counselling;
  • Investigate, conciliate or mediate complaints; or
  • Provide support on matters other than harassment, discrimination, or victimisation

If you are a UWA student or staff member and would like the assistance please refer to the list of available DEI Contact Officers below. To allow the DEI Contact Officer to arrange a time (and perhaps a place to meet if they are in a shared office) it is recommended that you send an email requesting a meeting:

Full Name Preferred Name Area Email
Ms Alexis Lowe Alexis School of Allied Health
Dr Alice Devillers Alice School of Physics, Mathematics & Computing
Ms Alicia Brown Alicia Nedlands campus, Arts and Law Student Office and Business Student Office
Ms Anita Krsnik Anita School of Humanities
Dr Barbara Goodwin Barbara McCusker Centre
Miss Bree Thomas Bree School of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Ms Catherine Crabb Catherine School of Allied Health (Podiatry)
Dr Dani Barrington Dani School of Population and Global Health
Ms Deborah Leicester Deborah Health and Medical Sciences
Dr Maria Elena Juan Pardo Elena School of Engineering (Engineering)
Dr Elisabete Lima da Cunha Elisabete ICRAR
Professor Enrico Valdinoci Enrico School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing
Mrs Isabel Tyrer Isabel School of Allied Health
Associate Professor Jeneva Ohan Jeneva School of Psychological Sciences
Mr Joshua Page Josh Development and Alumni Relations
Miss Kate Sandy Kate School of Humanities
Ms Kirsty Jade Herbert Kirsty School of Biomedical Sciences
Ms Leylani Taylor Leylani School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing
Doctor Lloyd White Lloyd School of Biomedical Sciences
Ms Lucette Cant Lucette Strategy and Compliance
Dr Mary Lynn De Silva Mary Lynn Education Futures
Mr Matthew Beamish Matt Albany
Dr Michael Neil O'Sullivan Neil School of Humanities
Assoc Professor Paul McGurgan Paul Medical School
Ms Sally Gordon Sally Vice-Chancellery
Mrs Sandra Brennan Sandra Rural Clinical School
Dr Serena Wee Serena School of Psychological Sciences
Professor Tanya Dalziell Tanya School of Humanities


  • To be advised
  • To be advised

For more information about resources and supports available, you can visit Integrity and Standards Unit by emailing

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