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6 courses to help you survive the apocalypse

19/10/2020 |

Your worst nightmare has come true – the apocalypse is here. Lone souls wander through the falling ash, crashed cars and store fires caused by widespread looting in towns and cities across the world. 

It could have been a viral infection, an asteroid or simply humanity has had enough and has come crashing down.  

What are you going to do to survive? How can you make it through these dark days? What is your future going to look like? 

Well, if you’ve studied any one of the following majors, you’ll be in a better place than most. And here is why. 

1. Botany

At the end of times, this major will ensure you know everything there is to know about sustaining plants on Earth. Learn how to grow and look after your own crops to ensure a food source throughout the year, especially through those long, cold winters. It will also help if you’re on the move and need to eat what you come across – determining what is poisonous and what is ok to eat might just save your life! 

2. History

What can the past tell you about this uncertain future? Learn how others have survived in the face of adversity and what mistakes others made that ended in their demise. Understanding the causes of historical change including wars, revolutions and the collapse of empires and societies will give you an advantage in predicting what might be going on behind the scenes in these scary times. 

3. Criminology

At the end of the world as we know it, it’s every man or woman for themselves. Study the minds of your potential foes when humanity is in its darkest days and find out how to defeat those who might be a threat and learn to predict the behaviour of those who may mean you harm. 

4. AI

When mankind is almost wiped out, is Artificial Intelligence (AI) how we will rebuild for the future? Study this major and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge to understand, evaluate, design and implement artificial intelligence systems – to keep the human-race functioning. *Word of warning, don’t program anything too smart (aka the Terminator). 

5. Sport Science, Exercise and Health

It's the number #1 rule of Zombieland: cardio.  

Learn how to assess the physical, physiological and mechanical characteristics of strength and performance, and discover how to maintain athletes’ strengths and improve their weaknesses – trust us, this will come in handy during and after the apocalypse when you need to be in peak physical condition. 

6. Biomedical Science

With infectious diseases on the rise, now more than ever there is a greater need for the management of these diseases. Armed with the knowledge and skills to accurately identify pathogens and develop procedures for the prevention and immunity of infectious disease, you’ll be well placed in the new world that has been ravaged with infection. You’ll also be trained to identify a healthy human being as opposed to a diseased human being – which will be beneficial if those infected end up changing for the worse

These are just a few of our degrees and majors that can equip you for the future, apocalypse or not! All of our programs have been designed to make students career-ready and are based on industry demand. View all of our courses

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