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How Experience-based entry helped Libby reach her study goals

12/07/2023 |

Elizabeth Libby Martin


Bachelor of Commerce student, Libby had her heart set on studying Korean and Business Law at UWA but was worried her ATAR wasn’t going to meet the entry requirements. After UWA’s Experience-based entry launched, Libby used her music skills, sporting achievements and community service on her application to show that she’s an ideal student for UWA.

Find out how Libby’s experiences in high school helped her with her application and how “being accepted into UWA was one of the happiest days of [her] life”.


Finding out about Experience-based entry

Although Libby didn’t reach the ATAR entry requirement, she was determined to find another way to UWA.

"After all the research I had done, the majors I chose matched my interests perfectly and no other university in Perth offered the availability to do these specific courses."

"I decided to talk with the career advisor at my high school about what I could do, and she told me about Experience-based entry at UWA."

Libby, Current UWA Student

Experience-based entry enables students to use their academic qualifications and life experiences to apply for UWA. Libby’s high school and community offered her lots of opportunities that helped her with her application.


How Libby’s experiences helped with her application

Libby’s application to UWA showed a range of achievements, extra-curricular activities, and a dedication to her community. She had taken part in a 50 mile walk for service hours, volunteered at high school art shows, was awarded a grant to sail on the Leeuwin for 5 days, got her bronze medallion by Royal Lifesaving WA, played viola and piano, and joined the navy cadets, all while she was studying for her Year 12 WACE exams.

“Taking all these experiences into account, Experience-based entry was a perfect fit for me and my circumstances. The range of different experiences gave me a well-rounded application that led me to being successful in receiving my UWA acceptance.”

While Libby has said that academic study was never a strength of hers, she pushed herself to work hard in high school and accepted all the opportunities offered to her to make the most of her time.

“Getting more involved made my high school years so much more enjoyable and for these experiences to be counted in my acceptance to UWA was an absolute dream. Now in university I’ve found my love for studying thanks to the amazing facilities available such as EZONE or quiet sections of the libraries, and my helpful lecturers and tutors.”


Advice to others considering Experience-based entry

If you’re considering applying to UWA through Experience-based entry, Libby’s advice is to “go for it!”.

“Experience-based entry is a fantastic way for people who have other talents or interests outside of study to be able to get accepted into the university of their choice. I personally loved having an alternative option to be accepted into UWA after not getting the ATAR required.”

And when you get to UWA, Libby’s advice is to try everything (whether your friends are doing it or not!) and get involved wherever you can. 


Choosing what to study

Libby Martin

UWA was Libby’s number one choice because of the wide range of courses. She could combine her two interests, Korean studies, and law, and take part in an extensive range of opportunities on campus from clubs and societies, events, volunteering, internships and more.

“UWA is one of the top universities in Australia so being accepted was one of my high school dreams.”

When Libby finishes her degree, she plans to complete the postgraduate Juris Doctor to kick-start her career as a fully qualified lawyer.

“One of my ATAR subjects was Politics and Law and through choosing this subject I found my immense passion and interest for law, particularly contract law. I plan on making this passion into my career, and by combining this with my Korean language skills, through my second major, this will give me a leg up when finding a career after graduation.”


Fitting in and finding her feet at UWA

Since arriving at UWA, Libby has joined the Fencing Club (a sport she had never tried before!) and the Bubble Tea Society which has helped her find friends through some common interests. Even though she was nervous at first that she wasn’t going to fit in with other people at uni, joining a few clubs has helped her make some of her best friends at uni.

“As soon as I was accepted to UWA, I became most excited to explore the campus and join new sporting teams. I only played netball in high school, and I was incredibly excited to try new sports including Fencing, Judo, Karate, Futsal, Frisbee and many more.”

Libby’s transition to UWA was “very smooth”. She is living in the student accommodation at College Row and has made friends with current students and other freshers. They have helped her settle in and find her way to classes where she’s started to meet some of the passionate educators who will be her mentors throughout her years at UWA.

“I enjoyed meeting my lecturers and tutors, they were such a huge support for me throughout my first semester and really helped when I wasn’t sure or needed help with something in the course.”


Are you interested in applying to study at UWA through Experience-based entry? Check your eligibility now. 

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