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Supporting international students every step of the way – Sree

21/12/2023 |

Sreelajoyoti (Sree) is a current international student from Bangladesh studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Data and Computer Science at UWA. From applying through an agent, chatting to a UniMentor and utlising UWA's Academic Skills Centre, find out what transitioning to university life has been like for Sree and the support services they’ve taken advantage of.  

Sree sitting on a bench and studying on campus

Choosing where to study  

When it comes to choosing where to study, everyone has a different set of criteria that make up the ideal destination. For Sree, it was a combination of the university’s reputation and finding a location that similar and not too far from home.  

“I chose to study in Perth mainly because I wanted to study at UWA, given UWA’s excellent reputation. Besides that, Perth is closest to my home country and the weather is very similar which made the transition much easier. Plus, Perth offers an ideal combination of urban lifestyle and natural beauty which I find very appealing for a balanced study environment.”  

Settling into university life  

Studying overseas can be an exciting and life-changing experience for many international students, but sometimes it can take a little while to settle in. Sree took advantage of some of the support services on offer at UWA to help get them settled into their new life in Perth.  

“My first impression of UWA was amazing, the campus was even more beautiful than I had imagined. What stood out to me was the welcoming atmosphere. There are numerous support services available to help students settle in, such as the UniMentor program and dedicated student advisers, which I found very helpful.” 

Support services for international students  

Sree has seen numerous benefits to the UniMentor Program, an ongoing support program that gives a friendly student face to new students starting at the university.    

“During my time at UWA, I have accessed a variety of support services, the UniMentor program stood out to me the most. Having a senior student as a mentor who went through similar experiences understood the challenges I was facing. They were a go-to person for everything from finding academic resources to general advice about university life.” 

Also, by utlising the services provided by the UWA's Academic Skills Centre, Sree has received support to take their studies to a new level.   

“The Academic Skills Centre offers a wide range of academic support too, I particularly found Studioscity the most helpful as it provided feedback on my reports within 24 hours of submission.” 

Getting help to find a job  

There are so many job opportunities for international students, you just have to know where to find them and to stand out from the crowd. Through the VMock service, Sree has been able to boost her employability and land a part-time job while they study. 

“When I first moved to Australia, I was looking for part-time jobs to better understand the Australian work culture and engage with the community more. However, I was not too sure about the resume requirements.  
UWA’s Vmock service helped me build resumes and held several workshops which helped me understand the requirements and successfully land a part time job.”

Advice for future students  

A big part of university life is studying, but it is not everything. Sree offers some advice to encourage future students to make the most of their university experience.  

“One thing I wish I had realized before moving to Perth is that it’s very important to maintain a balance between academic life and experiences outside of studies. When you first start, it's important to participate in different activities to discover your interests. This not only enhances your university experience but also contributes to your personal growth and builds a very well-rounded life at UWA.” 

Applying to UWA through an agent

International students can benefit from a network of education agents, who offer support to apply for a university and even obtain a visa. Sree shares their experience applying to university through an agent and how their agent felt like family.  

“My experience with an agent was very positive – they were like a family guiding me through every step of the application process. From helping me understand UWA's admission requirements to assisting in the preparation of my application documents, their support was invaluable. I felt well-informed and supported throughout, and I'm grateful for their assistance in making my journey to UWA a smooth and successful one.” 


Want to know more about studying at UWA? Visit the international students page on our website, contact our Future Students Centre by submitting an online enquiry through askUWA or chat to a current international student.

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