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Biomedical science degree helps graduates make an impact

16/04/2021 |

Contributing to science and humanity is a great way to live, to make this happen a degree in biomedical science might be for you.

Put simply, biomedical scientists conduct scientific research to support the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. It is an incredibly rewarding career, and here at UWA we offer a comprehensive, practical degree that will equip you with the right knowledge and skills to make a difference to the people and populations in your chosen field.

And if you’re thinking that a career in biomedical science ticks all the right boxes, we have designed a degree in which you can choose to specialise in one or two of 14 majors available, depending on what interests you. Plus you’ll study in world-class facilities that enhance your learning and provide the hands-on experience so essential for preparing you for the workforce. 

We asked a number of UWA biomedical science graduates about their current careers and what they found most beneficial about studying for their degree at UWA.

Bachelor of Biomedical Science graduate, Matthew French, says the most interesting aspect of his career at Linear Clinical Research has been being part of exciting new studies:

“The sense of discovery and freedom that I get from a career in science is what makes me most passionate. Currently I'm helping to make a difference by working on a clinical trials to develop therapies for variety of chronic conditions ranging from eczema to asthma to polycystic kidney disease.

“I am part of world-first trials, testing cutting-edge therapies that directly help the patients we work with. There is nothing more exhilarating than witnessing the first dose of a trial in person!”

Matthew says that, the opportunities he has in front of him are “really exciting” and thanks to the practical and creative aspects of his UWA degree, he is able to easily apply theoretical knowledge to real-life scenarios. 

Jessica Baker, who graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours in 2019, says what she loves about her career is that she gets to make a difference in the world with her research on mitochondrial proteins and how mitochondrial dysfunction may lead to disease:

“Mitochondrial diseases currently have no cure and our lab works to uncover the mechanisms behind mitochondrial function so that we can discover how disruptions to that function may lead to disease. In the future, I hope to continue working in the medical research field to continue to make a difference and keep answering questions through science.”

Jessica says that the part of her work she loves the most is making new discoveries: 

“Every day is unique working in research and you never know what you're going to discover. Personally, I do a lot of work with cells and on microscopes, and it is really fascinating looking down a microscope and knowing that you're seeing something that no one has ever seen before.”

Like all degrees offered here at UWA, the Bachelor of Biomedical Science is not only just about science, but specifically designed to expand your interests in other areas too.

Jessica says one of the best things she did was to make the most of the broadening units on offer because “it pushed me outside my comfort zone and I found other passions besides science”. Added to this, Jessica’s involvement in a student club during her time at UWA contributed greatly to her personal development, helping her gain confidence and new skills as well as allowing her to meet new people.

Are you interested to see how our biomedical science degree can meet your needs? Find out more about the Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UWA.

At UWA you can design your own degree. Learn about our range of courses and career options at an upcoming information session being held throughout July and August 2021. Explore our sessions and register today!

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