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Chartered Accounting: our accredited courses explained

25/11/2020 |

Do you work in, or plan to work in the accounting sector and want to gain professional accreditation from Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

UWA offers accredited Chartered Accounting courses that benefit your current career or can give you a headstart to landing your dream job.

The benefits of a specialised Chartered Accounting course

First off, there are three main reasons to go further with postgraduate study in the field of accounting:

  1. Highly developed technical skills: Postgraduate study in Chartered Accounting provides training in the technical aspects of the preparation of accounting data, develops your skills in the application of accounting information to solve problems and make decision, and develops the important professional skills such as communication, working in teams and critical thinking.
  2. Rare internship opportunities: Some CA courses will give you the opportunity to do an internship as one of your units, where you'll acquire valuable practical experience and start building your business network. The Master of Professional Accounting (Chartered Accounting), for instance, is one of them.
  3. Formal accreditation: You’ll complete the professional study requirements of the Chartered Accountants (CA) qualification as part of your degree, setting you apart in the job market. 


Since most graduates complete their CA qualifications while working in their first job, the embedded CA Program ensures you'll complete the following academic requirements for Chartered Accountants ANZ membership:

  • Completed undergraduate accounting major with required units.
  • Completed exams.
  • After finishing your chosen course, you can then complete a three-year practical component to fulfil the CAANZ membership practical requirements.


But what courses do we offer and which course is right for you? We explain the differences between the programs below:


Master of Professional Accounting (Chartered Accounting)

Who it’s for

Perhaps you’ve completed an engineering or medicine degree in the past and would like to switch careers to accounting. Or you may have completed a commerce or business degree a while ago and realised in the meantime that you should have majored in accounting.

This ‘bridging’ option is for anybody who has completed any undergraduate degree without an Accounting major, and is keen to enter the accounting sector with advanced technical accounting training and a formal CA accreditation.

What it is

The Master of Professional Accounting (Chartered Accounting) is a 2–2.5-year degree course in which you’ll take five Chartered Accounting (CA) units:

The inclusion of these CA Program modules makes this degree unique in Western Australia. The course takes up to 2.5 years because these CA units run in non-standard teaching periods. 

Graduate Diploma in Commerce (Chartered Accounting)

Who it’s for

This postgraduate course is for students who already have a Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business with an Accounting major. If you’d like to gain a fast UWA postgraduate diploma including all the required CA units, this could be for you.

What it is

In the 1–2-year Graduate Diploma in Commerce (Chartered Accounting), you’ll take five CA units over your degree:

How to apply

When you've settled on the course for you, apply through the portal or get in touch with Future Students through phone, email, live chat or book a virtual consultation.

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