How to be a DJ or music producer

14/12/2020 | 2 MINS

Have you always dreamt of producing music and playing it live? Perhaps you want to be the star of the show and mix your own tracks? Whatever path you’re keen on, our Music degrees have you covered. 

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Electronic Music and Sound Design

This major isn’t just about producing music for live audiences. You’ll develop expertise in electronic music composition, sound design and production, programming, and software/hardware instrument design, which could lead to a career in industries like film and television, documentary making, commercials, video gaming and more.

“Ok, that sounds cool, but I can’t sing and I don’t play an instrument!”

Judge Simon Cowell

No worries! All you need to study this major is a love of music.

“Hmm, I’m a bit shy. I don’t think I’d like to perform in front of people…”

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That’s ok, too! As part of the major, you’ll choose to complete a project like creating an album of electronic works, a sound installation, film score or live performance – if you change your mind. 


The students in this video chose a live performance as their major project – check it out!

And remember, you can also study this as your second major if you want to pair your love of music with another passion. 

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To explore all our degrees in music, check out the Bachelor of Music (Double Music Major), Music Studies major or Music General Studies major.

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