a digitisation officer checking the quality of the digitised slides 


In 2023, our third year of operation, the Centre is fully operational and we are continuing the digitisation of our partners’ collections. The Centre also offers a fee-based digitisation service. 

The collections that the Centre digitises are divided into the following categories:

  1. collections identified for priority digitisation under the original DCWA LIEF grant application,
  2. collections associated with the the ‘Life after Digitisation: Future-Proofing WA's Vulnerable Cultural Heritage’ linkage grant project, and
  3. local community and private collections.

LIEF Grant Collections

Collections from UWA are now made available on UWA Collected. UWA Collected is a new online service for storing, preserving and exploring the University’s digital collections together in one place. It is one part of the University's strategy to invest in data-intensive discovery. As UWA and the Digitisation Centre of Western Australia work to digitise the University’s collections, UWA Collected makes them discoverable and becomes a database of reference for communities and researchers.

Visit to discover more.

Archaeology Collections

35mm slide and negative collections documenting rock art from various parts of Australia – UWA
Photo credit: Mr Mike Donaldson

 landscape imaging depicting red rock formation with blue sky photographer with SLR camera standing within a rock formation taking photo of rock art 

Ethnography Collections
Development of Western Australian Society