EcoPeoPle: Ecology, People, Place Research Group

In the face of unprecedented and increasing anthropogenic challenges to the ecosystem processes that sustain life on earth in an age now dubbed the ‘Anthropocene’, it is essential that we understand the diverse factors shaping human-environment engagements.

‘Environmental’ problems are invariably human problems, so knowledge of the social dimension of such issues not only informs management and adaptation interventions, but also powerfully illuminates the depth and complexity of human environmental experience in a way that morally engages an increasingly receptive public.

The Ecology, People, Place Research Group therefore seeks to create productive synergies among scholars from diverse disciplines who are researching interactions between societies and environments in diverse contexts. It provides a UWA-based hub for academics and practitioners seeking input or collaborators on social-environmental research.

PhD opportunities

Academics associated with the Centre are available for supervising topics in their fields of expertise. Please contact them directly.

Our staff and students

UWA PhD students

  • Elis Zuliati Anis
  • Iwan Apriwan
  • Don Boyer
  • Nicole Chalmer
  • Buddhi Chaudhary Tharu
  • Dawn Dickinson
  • Lindsay Hasluck
  • Rachel Galvin
  • Alicea Garcia
  • Jeanette Jensen
  • Christine McCagh
  • Ana Paula Motta
  • Karen Paiva Henrique
  • Kelsie Prabawa-Sear
  • Kara Salter
  • Gracie Verde Selva
  • Marnie Tonkin
  • Kendra Travaille

News and events

Collage of images from the Water Communities eventWater Communities: A Joint Symposium of the EcoPeoPle Network and the Oceans Institute, UWA

In late October, EcoPeoPle and the Oceans Institute joined forces for an inspiring day of sharing stories of water communities.

Contributions spanned the arts and sciences, with participants exploring water’s diverse social, ecological, temporal, semiotic and material forms, and the relations they inspire.

Stay tuned for information about our 2023 EcoPeoPle symposium.

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