Optometrists are in high demand in our community

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An optometrist is a primary health care provider, often being the first point of professional contact for people experiencing problems with their eyes or who have difficulty seeing. Optometrists have a unique role in providing accessible and vital eye care to the community. Apart from general practice, optometry is the only profession to have its consultations covered by Medicare without the need for a referral.

Optometrists are experts in: the optics of lenses, eye health and visual performance. They assess, diagnose and manage ocular diseases, injuries and disorders across a wide range of patients. Where clinically necessary, optometrists prescribe spectacles, contact lenses and devices for the visually impaired.


Optometrists mainly work in private practice but can also work in a range of health settings including low vision clinics, hospitals, government and community organisations.

Practicing optometrists are registered health professionals who have undertaken a university degree in optometry and who are registered by the Optometry Board of Australia.


Optometry Clinical Placement Program

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Clinical Student Toolkit  

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  • Course Rules
  • AHPRA Registration Checklist 2022
  • Clinical Residential Placement (CRP) Procedures Manual
  • Insurance summary for students on placements or work experience
  • Meditrek User Student Guide for CRP
Become a supervisor

Register your interest

To ensure UWA’s ongoing high standards we accredit all clinical residential placement practices and their associated optometrists who wish to be a primary or secondary supervisor of a student.

Based on information that you supply in your application you may be provisionally-accredited to become a UWA Optometry supervisor.  Full accreditation is attained once the online supervisor training modules have been completed. Re-accreditation takes place every four years.

If you have any questions relating to participation in the UWA Optometry Clinical Residential Program DOCRP or the accreditation process contact: optometryclinicalplacements-sah@uwa.edu.au

To register your interest in the UWA Optometry Clinical Residential Placement Program please complete the below 'Practice Information form'.

Practice Information form



Recruitment and succession planning opportunities

The Clinical Residential Placement Program is the ideal opportunity for you to assess and consider potential new employees. They will qualify at the conclusion of their placement and will very likely be seeking employment.

Remaining at ‘the cutting edge’

An advantage often cited by supervisors of students (as well as employers of new graduates) is that they arrive with updated information and skills. While the student is there to learn valuable skills from you, they also have cutting edge knowledge to contribute to your practice.

Satisfaction and recognition

By influencing the next generation of optometrists you are making a statement to your peers about your role within optometry. We have seen that within the medical profession, the engagement of interns often creates a very positive opinion within the local community and is usually viewed favourably by the patients of the practice.

UWA alumnus benefits

Even though you may not have completed your education through UWA University, becoming an accredited supervisor will provide the following benefits:

  • Use of a @uwa.edu.au email address
  • Access to UWA University library and its online community and support
  • Access to online subscription services to the leading optometry and ophthalmology journals
  • Recognition as a supervisor in the UWA Optometry Clinical Residential Program

Program Guide

The program is 28 weeks in total with 2 x 2 week semester breaks.  The program below shows one cycle of 12 weeks (not including the two week break).  The cycle is repeated in a different practice or continued as an extension of block six for 12 weeks.

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Supervisor Resources

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  • Code of Conduct for UWA Students     
  • Code of Conduct for UWA Optometry Students       
  • Practice Signage
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Supervisor & Practice Accreditation Form
  • Key Dates

Clinical Supervisor Toolkit     

  • Clinical supervision meeting agreement template     
  • Clinical supervision notes template
  • Feedback time agenda guide
  • Lesson plan template
  • Planning learning template
  • Self-reflective survey

Assessment and Activities   

  •  Activity and assessment summary     
  • Clinical review process
  • Supervisor checklist
Supervisor Training

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Supervisor training is conducted in the UWA Learning Management System. A link will be supplied to you on acceptance of your registration of Interest. (see above 'Become a supervisor')

Help and support

Contact us

If you have any questions relating to participation in the UWA Optometry Clinical Residential Program or the accreditation process generally please email: optometryclinicalplacements-sah@uwa.edu.au

If you need to talk to a member of the Clinical Residential Placement team urgently please call **Please provide contact number**

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  • Staff member 2
  • Staff member 3
  • Staff member 4
  • Staff member 5
  • Staff member 6

Contact Professor Garry Fitzpatrick, Head of Division