Mineral geoscience

Digging deeper into our State’s mineral resources

Western Australia has many of Australia’s major mineralised regions, with gold, copper, nickel and iron ore in host rocks formed in a wide range of tectonic settings. UWA earth science researchers make the most of the State’s mineral wealth resource and the School has established an international reputation in mineral geoscience research.

Our Centre for Exploration Targeting focuses on understanding mineral systems and developing tools for mineral exploration beneath a thick cover of soil or weathered rock. This research requires innovative thinking and integrating geological, geophysical and geochemical techniques using the latest digital methods and software. 

We work in conjunction with industry partners, government agencies and university collaborators.

Our research has global applications to help improve understanding of the geological history and formation of minerals resources throughout the world. Our researchers work in Western Australia as well as Africa, Greenland, Canada and Brazil.

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37th in the world for Earth and Marine Sciences (QS 2021)

21st in the world for Oceanography (ARWU 2021)


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