Global and Environmental Health

Investigating global health issues around our ecosystem,
environment and occupations

The Global and Environmental Health research group looks at the relationships between ecosystems, environmental and occupational agents, and health, at local and global levels. It focuses on issues such as maternal and child health, healthy ageing, and disease resulting from occupational and environmental exposures, such as mining hazards, asbestos, air pollution, heat, noise and water.

The group also investigates the positive impact of green and blue spaces on health, which relates to having nature and water around you to better your health. The research team is multidisciplinary, with the goal of improving health for all people by reducing the environmental exposures that lead to avoidable disease, disabilities and deaths.

Current projects

Find a selection of our current Global and Environmental Health research projects below. We welcome you to discuss other research project ideas with us. Local students can contact the Graduate Research Coordinator at the School of Population and Global Health for more information. International students can use our online enquiry form, which helps us match your research interests with a potential supervisor.


The impact of our Global and Environmental Health research is elevated by close relationships with industry and community partners.

If you have an issue that requires specialised research and development expertise, or you would like to develop a joint research arrangement with UWA, the Office of Research Enterprise can help. 

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