Systems for Knowledge Discovery from Data

Engaging in end-to-end view of big data systems


The Systems for Knowledge Discovery from Data research cluster studies big data systems: systems that gather sensed data, discover knowledge from that data, and ensure the integrity, security and availability of data and systems. The group brings together experts in three inter-related discipline areas: data mining, cybersecurity and sensor network systems.

The challenges the group will address are:

Data Mining: develop general-purpose algorithms and software tools for knowledge discovery from big data sources

Sensing systems: design, test and build software systems for data gathering, particularly for Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Cybersecurity: develop and test models for ensuring the integrity, security and availability of data in computer systems

This cluster brings together a wealth of interdisciplinary academics, from Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science and Earth Sciences.

A unique strength of the cluster is its expertise with many different types of data, in particular discrete data sourced from Web and IoT sources. These include but are not limted to images, text, voice, social media graphs, sensor streams, medical data, ticket logs, GPS and WiFi traces.

Research opportunities are available for prospective students in this cluster. You can learn more by emailing the Pre-candidature team at the Graduate Research School.


2017 - 2019

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, iMove CRC

  • ‘Planning intermodal and general logistics infrastructure for the future needs of Perth’
  • P. Bergey, R. Cardell-Oliver, M. Reynolds, S. Biermann

Dept of the Pime Minister and Cabinet (Smart Cities Program)

  • ‘RailSmart Wanneroo Planning Support System’
  • S. Biermann, R. Cardell-Oliver, K. Martinus, B. Smith, D. Olaru, C. Sun

2016 - 2018

Australian Research Council Discovery Projects

  • ‘View and Shape Invariant Modeling of Human Actions for Smart Surveillance’
  • A. Mian, N. Akhtar

NHMRC Project grant

  • Predicting Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) using 3D Craniofacial Photography
  • P. Eastwood, A. Mian, N. Mcardle, D. Hillman, S. Gilani

2016 - 2017

PATREC (Transperth) Research Centre

  • ‘Travel Behaviour Patterns (PATREC)’
  • R. Cardell-Oliver, W. Liu, Jianxin Li

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