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Biochemistry and molecular genetics are revolutionising our understanding of the mechanisms of life. At UWA, innovative research and strong industry collaboration is enabling us to create new therapeutics and biotechnological tools, transforming medicine, improving agriculture and advancing our understanding of evolutionary biology. Researchers in the School engage in readily translatable, interdisciplinary research in a variety of fields including structural biology, metabolomics, proteomics, redox regulation and signalling, RNA biology, genomics and epigenomics, synthetic biology, plant genetics, organelle biogenesis, chemical biology, drug design, bionanotechnology, enzymology and computational biology.

As part of the School of Molecular Sciences, our scientists work closely with other schools, research centres and faculties within the University and across the world to answer complex biological and chemical problems, allowing UWA to provide a vibrant, international environment with far-reaching research potential.

The Bayliss Building offers cutting-edge facilities for biomolecular analysis and makes the School as a leading destination for research and study.

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Collaborations and research partners

Biochemistry and molecular genetics at UWA are linked to global research networks, including the Matariki Network of Universities, whilst also supporting collaborative programs, exchanges and collaborative research projects with institutions across the world. The impact of our work is elevated by close relationships with industry, philanthropic and consumer partners. In many cases, our industry colleagues are embedded in the Bayliss Building, giving them close access to our cutting-edge facilities and highly-regarded expertise.

Our industry partners include:

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