Agricultural science

Creating sustainable solutions to balance industry and community needs

Agricultural science focuses on the multidisciplinary nature of the challenges facing the global community. Rapidly growing population, changing climate and limited land and fresh water resources will impact on the ability of agriculture to meet demand. Science-based solutions are required to achieve worldwide goals of sustainability for industry and community development.

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1st in Australia and 22nd in the world for Agricultural Sciences (ARWU 2023)

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2nd in Australia and 38th in the world for Environmental Science and Engineering (ARWU 2023)

Key research areas

Our research is focused on five key areas:

Animal production

Our researchers investigate extensive rangeland systems and mixed crop-pasture systems in the quest for expansion and improvement opportunities and clean, green and ethical animal production.

Genetics and breeding

Research and student training in genetics and breeding spans traditional and molecular genetic approaches to improve economically important production traits in our crops, pastures and livestock. Our work has application in Australia as well as overseas countries including China, India, Bangladesh and Timor Leste.

Crop and pasture production

Research in crop and pasture production occurs across molecular and physiological processes, nutrition and disease control, and in-field agronomy, using traditional and state-of-the art technology.

Soil science and plant nutrition

Agricultural-based research and teaching in soil science and plant nutrition focuses on the influence of land management practices and climate variability on agricultural soils. By combining molecular, isotopic and spatial imaging techniques with information on changes in soil function, our researchers have gained detailed insights into the day-to-day life of soil and how best to manage and sustain this important resource.

Farming systems

Our work in farming systems integrates research knowledge across agronomy, soil, climate and livestock discipline areas. It is targeted towards developing new information, models and management strategies that enable more informed decisions so landholders can assess risk, maximise profitability and minimise impacts on the environment.


Our researchers contribute to advancing agricultural education and research through a range of groups, centres and programs focused on specialised areas.


Key staff

For more information about our work and current projects, contact our key staff:
Head of School
Department Head Agricultural Science
Academic staff
Research staff
Emeritus, Honorary and Adjunct

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