Research on the Record: meet Dr Jennifer Kelley

27/09/2023 | 1 mins

Dr Jennifer Kelley

Dr Jennifer Kelley’s background in marine biology has led to her current research at UWA’s School of Biological Sciences and Oceans Institute, which looks to nature to solve the challenge of how to camouflage 3D body shapes.

Her work combines techniques from studies including animal behaviour, optics, visual psychology, and computer imaging - and has the potential to be applied across a range of industries from the defence force to advertising.

A study recently released by Dr Kelley has revealed a patterning tool used by prey to interfere with animals’ depth perception. The investigation involving moths in Western Australia’s South West provided a fresh perspective on how camouflage works.

In the latest episode of Research on the Record, Jennifer Dr Kelley talks about her experience of how gender equity in academia has evolved since she began her early research career – and the challenges for women that remain in place.

She also shares her advice on how to maintain resilience in what can be an intensely competitive and sometimes negative environment, and not be discouraged by the setbacks that every researcher inevitably faces at some point.

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