Event to examine the implications of Australia's 2022 election

23/05/2022 | 2 mins

Four days after the election, a panel assembled by The University of Western Australia’s Public Policy Institute, will discuss the national, State and international implications of the 2022 Federal election.

Dissecting Australian life after the election will examine the prospects for the new administration on the economy, climate change, national security, social policy and public trust in governmentas well as examine the role and impact of younger voters, women and independents.

The 2022 Federal election wast he first national political test since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemicthe easing of international and state borders and the outbreak of armed conflict in Europe.

The discussion will probe the splintering of old political loyalties and the substantially bigger swing to Labor in WA than seen elsewhere.

The panel includetwo former premiers of WA: Carmen LawrenceEmeritus Professor in the UWA School of Psychological Scienceand Colin BarnettAdjunct Professor at the UWA Business School.

"We have just witnessed a tectonic shift in Australia's political landscape and a massive transformation in the force fields which will drive policy change,” DrLawrence said.

The message to our Parliament seems clear - climate change must be an urgent priority and voters are prepared to overturn the status quo if they feel they're being treated as fools."

Mr Barnett congratulated Anthony Albanese and Labor and highlighted the challenges facing the Liberals as they move into Opposition.

While congratulating Anthony Albanese and Labor on their victory and wishing them well, I note that the Liberals have lost their most talented Members and may face a decade to recover,” he said.

Fellow panellist, Dr Sue Boyd AM, Immediate Past President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs (WA), said Prime Minister Albanese’s acknowledgement of important international challenges including the relationship with China and our relationships in the Pacific are welcome.  

The recognition of climate change and commitment to the environment will be key in our Pacific relationships and influence,she said.

Panellist Martina Ucnikova, co-founder of She Runs, a campaign and training organisation committed to boosting female political careers, spoke of the impact of women on the 2022 election.

"Women shaped this election long before it even startedthey challenged unjust systems that didn’t account for them, or didn’t listen to them,” she said.

Over 460 women ran for electionWomen didn’t just shape this election, women won this election, for other women, for our children, and for our communities."

The free event is on Wednesday, 25 May from 5.30pm to 7pm at the State Theatre Centre, Perth. For more information or to book click here.

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