WARDiT Connecting junior doctors

09/03/2022 | 2 mins

More junior doctors than ever before are joining Junior Medical Officer (JMO) societies around the state.

Dr Brittney Wicksteed has been instrumental in establishing societies in Albany and the Kimberley in recent years and has been working with the co-founders of the new Bunbury society.

The junior doctor has also established the WA Rural Doctors in Training website and supporting Facebook group.

Dr Wicksteed said these platforms enabled society members to network, raise issues and sort accommodation among other challenges. The Facebook group also connects doctors who aspire to work in the country.

"I’m very into junior doctor wellbeing, connecting people and getting them the best experience and opportunities. I think we can slowly chip away at many of the things that can make being a junior doctor difficult in terms of industrial relations, problematic supervision or bullying in the workplace," she said.

The WARDiT website is supported by Rural Health West, sponsored by The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia and will continue to grow in collaboration with other agencies.

“We’re up to 80 members and growing, we hope that the spread can continue to other rural sites when there are more WACHS employed juniors!”

“I would encourage anyone with issues to take ownership of their situation and pursue solutions, and get active in the various forums to ensure others don’t have to suffer in silence. Creating healthy, fulfilling workplaces and enriching experiences leave a lasting legacy!”

For further information about JMO societies, please contact Dr WicksteedRead all about her career so far here.

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