New partnership to get kids moving

28/04/2021 | 6 mins

Gymnastics WA x KIDDO partnership

The University of Western Australia’s KIDDO Program has partnered with Gymnastics WA to encourage children to move from a young age through a Gym Warriors program. 

KIDDO and Gymnastics WA will upskill gymnastics coaches to deliver fundamental movement session to Early Childhood Education and Care services (ECECS) in WA and expand gymnastics programs to children aged 0-3 years.

KIDDO and Gymnastics WA both share a common goal of encouraging an active lifestyle for WA children, giving them the best start in life and supporting their fundamental movement development through enjoyable physical activities. Gymnastics WA has an average membership of 1,250 over the past three years for registered participants aged 0-3, which is a testament to gymnastics playing a key role in developing physical literacy. 

KIDDO Program Manager, Amanda Derbyshire said the KIDDO program was excited to be partnering with Gymnastics WA to provide access to evidence-based physical literacy programs, resources and training for their coaches. 

“KIDDO has been developed based on the latest research and focuses on building the capacity of coaches, educators and parents to provide programs that develop the physical literacy of young children,” Ms Derbyshire said.

“Gymnastics WA will provide the opportunity for more young children across WA to develop the skills and confidence to set them up for a healthy, active lifestyle. Developing a person's physical literacy across the lifespan is crucial if we want more Australians to live active, healthy and happy lives and this starts in early childhood.”

With the support of Healthway funding, Gymnastics WA will become a KIDDO Delivery Partner for 2021 - 2023, assisting with the implementation of Gym Warriors, a fundamental movement program in ECECs through Gymnastics WA’s skilled workforce of affiliated clubs and accredited coaches.

With a wide-spread network of 52 Member Clubs and 400 accredited coaches across both metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia, Gymnastics WA will assist in the coaching delivery workforce for KIDDO’s program. Gymnastics WA will establish positive relationships between ECECs and local community sport whilst also providing direct pathways for children to continue their participation in physical activity.

Gymnastics WA’s Executive Director, Emily Randall said the organisation was privileged to partner with UWA’s KIDDO program for the next two years. 

“Delivering fundamental movement skills to all children in WA through our Gym Warriors program is a key priority of Gymnastics WA, and to have the backing from research conducted at The University of Western Australia is vital to ensuring our children are developing to be the best version of themselves,” Ms Randall said.

“Gym Warriors allows children to discover their love for gymnastics through engaging fundamental movement classes at ECECs and will then be able to continue their development in a fun and safe environment at Gymnastics WA’s affiliated gymnastics clubs across Western Australia.”

Gymnastics WA will partner with KIDDO in the implementation and delivery to ECEC sites requiring program support from external coaching providers. Gymnastics WA will deliver twenty pilot KIDDO ECEC programs across a two-year period, connecting local affiliated gymnastics clubs and accredited coaches to their nearest ECEC to deliver the KIDDO program as well as upskilling educators. Gymnastics WA will also provide pathways for children and parents/guardians to continue physical activity through gymnastics at the local affiliated club.

Gymnastics WA will also work closely with member clubs and their local ECEC to establish the most suitable pilot programs, building positive relationships with each provider and assisting in the delivery of a successful and engaging fundamental movement program to all participants.

The Healthway funding received for the 2021 – 2023 KIDDO project will assist Gymnastics WA to:

Collaborate with KIDDO to deliver to 10 ECECs per year, engaging at least 500 children

Upskill 150 WA accredited coaches to complete the KIDDO Certificate of Physical Literacy.

Director Health Promotion, Julia Knapton said it was exciting to see two organisations unite though Healthway’s partnership program.

“For almost 30 years Healthway has partnered with Gymnastics WA, and currently funds the KIDDO program to encourage physical activity and the development of movement skills in young children,” Ms Knapton said.

“So to see this collaboration is a wonderful example of Healthway’s commitment to supporting research that aligns to the needs of other Healthway partners and the community.” 

Gymnastics WA is pleased to confirm Healthway's continued support of gymnastics across numerous projects outside of the KIDDO partnership for the following two years. Healthway has proudly supported Gymnastics WA in the promotion of healthy eating messaging for an extended period of time and we are excited to further this partnership into 2021 and beyond. 

Healthway's partnership allows Gymnastics WA to develop exciting and engaging initiatives for our community, with the aim to inspire Western Australians, especially young people, to live healthier lives.

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