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Specialist Technology

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The Marshall Center is located in the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Center. It is co-located with the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, The Perth Children's Hospital, the state reference laboratories of Pathwest, The Harry Perkins Institute and the Telethon Kids Institute. This is the largest health care precinct in the southern hemisphere with over 900 beds and services over 500,000 patients annually.


Marshall Centre Equipment

Marshall Centre Equipment

The Marshall Center is approximately 700 sqm of floor space with state-of-the-art facilities for molecular microbiology research. It is a fully certified PC2 area with OGTR certification.

Available Facilities

Personnel are experts in molecular biology, confocal microscopy, RT-PCR, and flow cytometry. Key instrumentation are: Quant Studio 6, ImageQuant, Nikkon microscope.

For booking enquiries, please contact us

The Clinical Microbiology Research Facility

The Clinical Microbiology Research Facility

The Clinical Microbiology Research Facility is approximately 700 sqm of floor space and contains clean areas for the processing of low density clinical swabs for DNA extraction and library preparation (16 S and metagenome) for microbiome studies. It also includes a precinct dedicated to flow cytometry for the detection of pathogens in clinical samples.

Personnel are experts in RT-PCR and flow cytometry.

Key instrumentation are: Qpix colony picker robotic platform, Kingfisher extraction platform.

For facility booking enquiries, please contact us

Long read sequencing machine

PacBio Sequel II

Giving WA scientists the tools they need for success!

This long read sequencing machine is giving leading health researchers in Western Australia a tool for incredible advances in medical science.

The PacBio Sequel II DNA sequencing machine recently installed at GenomicsWA is now available for some of WA’s brightest minds involved in research. GenomicsWA is a joint initiative launched through a partnership between the Marshall Centre (UWA), the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and Telethon Kids Institute. The PacBio machine will vastly increase the DNA sequencing capability available to WA scientists. It has the potential to accelerate advanced scientific understanding and the development of therapies for disease.

GenomicsWA is led by Adjunct Associate Professor Alka Saxena and the service can be accessed here

First Long Read Sequencing machine in WA

The PacBio

first DNA sequencing machine in Wa

Special thanks to the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation for their support in funding the PacBio Sequel II long-read sequencer to enhance the microbial genetics/microbiome research capacity.

Marshall Centre Equipment

Booking Equipment Availability

Equipment is available for booking, but requires a request to be sent to the precinct managers for biosafety assessment and safety inductions.

For equipment booking enquiries, please contact us

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