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On Saturday, 4th March 2017 the annual Convocation Day celebrations were led by the Warden of Convocation Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr AM who welcomed special guests UWA’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dawn Freshwater and the Guild President Nevin Jayawardena.

2017 Convocation Day 4th March 2017

The close working relationship between the Guild, the University and Convocation was demonstrated on Saturday, 4th March 2017 when UWA’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Dawn Freshwater assisted the Guild President Nevin Jayawardena and the Warden of Convocation Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr AM to plant an oak tree during the annual Convocation Day celebrations.

Participating in her first Convocation Day celebration since her recent appointment as the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dawn Freshwater acknowledged the importance of the University working closely together with the Guild (representing UWA students) and Convocation (representing UWA graduates) to achieve their common objective for UWA to become one of the top 50 universities in the world by 2050.

The oak tree was planted by UWA’s 104th Guild President, Mr Nevin Jayawardena, to celebrate Convocation Day, the anniversary of the first meeting of Convocation which was held on 4th March 1913.

Mr Jayawardena applauded the strong relationship between the University, the Guild and Convocation Council.

“The UWA Guild plays a vital role on campus representing, and offering a range of services to students in a similar manner to Convocation’s role representing all the graduates of UWA and assisting them to maintain their relationship with UWA” he said.

In one of his last official duties as UWA Warden of Convocation, Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr AM, said that with the garden setting being an integral part of the UWA campus, it was appropriate that Convocation Day was celebrated with the annual planting of a tree to enrich a campus regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world.

“It is fitting that Convocation Day falls at the commencement of the period scheduled for UWA graduation ceremonies as it is at these ceremonies where graduands received their degrees that they automatically become members of Convocation, the body established in the UWA Act to be the electorate for the University of Western Australia” Adjunct Professor Warren Kerr AM said.

"As members of Convocation, all UWA graduates have the right to participate in elections for some members of the UWA Senate and the Council of Convocation as well as attending General Meetings of the University to receive updates on the progress that UWA is making to achieve its goals”

Several past Councillors attended the ceremony and then joined members of Council and the Guild in casual refreshments at Convocation’s Irwin Street Building where delightful entertainment was provided by the newly formed Winthrop Singers.

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