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UWA strives to ensure students and the community enjoy an equally high-quality experience of the University's campus, its facilities and its websites.

Digital accessibility

Our websites are intended to be easy to use, quick to download, and capable of displaying well across differing devices and platforms. They are appropriately accessible to a wide range of people, including those using assistive technologies, and we support staff and business partners with advice and training on how to best publish digital material without creating barriers to access.

In 2019 the University supported with a formal policy the international W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 and the A and AA items within. These guidelines are clear and are widely leveraged and understood by web publishing professionals. They provide excellent guidance for UWA's ever-evolving web presence.

UWA isn't prescribing that you use particular devices or technologies to successfully interact with our websites. Try the accessibility technology mix best for you. If you do experience difficulty, let us know and we'll work with you to find the best possible solutions.

Adjusting text size in your web browser

University webpages are designed to allow dynamic resizing and respect the settings that you apply in your web browser and operating system.

Should you need to adjust the size of the text in your web browser, use the following shortcuts.

Internet Explorer

  1. From the View menu select Text size
  2. Choose the text size you prefer


  1. From the View menu select Text size
  2. Select Increase, Decrease or Normal
  1. or

    Use the Ctrl + or Ctrl ? keyboard shortcuts

Safari (Macintosh only)

  1. From the View menu select Make text bigger, Make text normal or Make text smaller


  1. Use the Apple + or Apple ? keyboard shortcuts


UWA's Digital Channel team within Brand, Marketing and Recruitment should be your initial point of contact for requests for advice and assistance on web accessibility matters. Likewise, get in touch with them if you're having difficulty accessing information, resources or services on any UWA website.

Written advice on best practice technique is available – but again, contact the Digital Channel team if you need help.

Campus accessibility

UWA's main campus is at Crawley, although some divisions are based in nearby Nedlands and Claremont. We also have a regional centre at Albany that offers a select range of courses.

If you encounter any physical obstacles on any UWA site, report them using the Physical Access Obstacle Report form.

Accessibility contacts


UniAccess: UWA's Disability Office supports students and can be contacted regarding:

  • physical access to University facilities
  • information on adaptive technology
  • any access queries for current or future students


Staff can contact the Equity and Diversity Office for issues relating to unequal or unfair treatment based on disability or medical condition on (+61 8) 6488 7807.

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