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Conflict of interest (COI) 

It's normal for University Officers to have conflicts of interest in a large organisation like UWA. Identifying and disclosing a conflict of interest isn't a judgement on anyone's character or actions – it's simply the first step towards managing the conflict.

A COI occurs when a University Officer’s private interests compete with their obligations to UWA, and therefore could improperly influence, or be perceived to improperly influence, how they perform their official University duties.

Private interests include:

  • your own personal, professional and business interests, and
  • the interests of individuals and groups you associate with, including friends, relatives and competitors.

It is essential that all University Officer read the Conflicts of Interest Policy and its associated procedures and guidelines.  This will explain the importance of declaring any conflicts, and where appropriate, working with a relevant Officer to work out how to manage the COI.  You can seek advice from line-management, specialist work areas, and staff in Human Resources on what you may have to declare, any management plan, and how to declare this to the University.  


Example Scenarios



Outside work



Travel and gifts

Student supervision, placement and assessment

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