Mental Health in the Workplace

Investigating the impact of poor mental health at work

One-in-five working aged adults experience poor mental health annually and up to 50 per cent in their lifetime. Poor mental health is associated with serious consequences for employees and organisations. The present research programme addresses workplace mental health in several ways. First, in partnership with Professor Gillian Yeo, we investigate how leaders in organisations respond to mental health issues. This research highlight both effective and ineffective responses to mental health issues and maps employee wellbeing trajectories over time. Practically, this research will assist in generating evidence-based recommendations for the management of employees experiencing a range of mental health issues. 

Second, in partnership with the School of Pharmacy and the University Health Promotion Unit, we are investigating the effectiveness of mental health first aid training on student and staff responses to mental health issues. University students and staff are at higher risk of experiencing a mental health issue than the general public and as such, it is imperative we have early interventions in place to address this challenge. This research addresses the effectiveness of different training modes as well as the outcomes of mental health first aid administration.  

This project is led by Dr Joseph A Carpini, PhD, MSc, BA (Psych).