Advancing the Epidemiology of Coronary Heart Disease: the AUS-MOCHA project

Measuring and monitoring heart attacks and coronary disease
in Australia

The Advancing the Epidemiology of Coronary Heart Disease (AUS-MOCHA) project is investigating the epidemiology of coronary heart disease, focusing on developing reliable methods for monitoring population trends of coronary heart disease in Australia. The project aims to investigate trends in incidence and outcomes of coronary heart disease in Australia, and will use international comparative analyses to further these aims.

The goal of analysing administrative linked health data is to advance prevention methods and develop a reliable algorithm for monitoring coronary heart disease   in Australia. The research findings will advance our understanding of population-level coronary heart disease burden, enabling better management and more effective prevention measures for coronary heart disease patients.

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PhD opportunities

PhD students are encouraged to apply to work on this project, which will involve analysing a large, complex linked dataset including hospital, mortality, emergency department and pharmacy data for all coronary heart disease patients in Western Australia.

Pathology data for this cohort will be linked to the dataset to enable development of contemporary algorithms for monitoring coronary heart disease and its acute and chronic subgroups in Australia, with translation of the models for national use.

Requirements specific to this project include qualifications and/or experience in epidemiology. Quantitative analytic skills are essential, preferably with prior use of linked health data.

To get in touch regarding this project, email Dr Lee Nedkoff.

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Collaborations and funding


The AUS-MOCHA project team collaborates with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the University of Oxford to facilitate high-quality research outcomes using a big data approach. 

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


In support of this project, we have received funding from the following bodies:

  • NHMRC Project Grant 2015-2019
  • NHMRC Early Career Fellowship
  • UWA Research Collaboration Award
  • UWA Fellowship Support Scheme

National Health and Medical Research Council Australia

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Contact research team leader Dr Lee Nedkoff