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Since 2007, the Psychometric Laboratory at UWA has specialised in the study and application of the Rasch class of psychometric models of measurement. This is based on Professor David Andrich’s seminal theoretical and empirical work in developing and elaborating Rasch’s measurement theory. The Laboratory is internationally recognised for its expertise in psychometrics.

Based at the UWA Medical School, the Psychometric Laboratory undertakes research and development for application to the broad area of measurement and assessment in education, social and medical sciences which can include psychology, health and marketing and provides a range of support services, including research, teaching, consultancy and contract work.

Research Projects

The Psychometric Laboratory, in partnership with The University of Plymouth, is working on a project involving psychometric analysis and interpretation of outcome assessment data. This project involves the analysis of responses to patient reported outcome assessments in a clinical population with multiple sclerosis. The aim of the project is to assess patients’ own assessment of their condition over time in response to treatment.

The Psychometric Laboratory, is working with State Department of Education (WA) to monitor the growth of students from kindergarten onwards on a quantitative scale for both literacy and numeracy. This project aims to identify at risk students as early as possible in their schooling. 


Rasch psychometric models

Rasch psychometric models, also known as Rasch models for measurement, are named after the late Danish mathematician and statistician Georg Rasch, who spent seven months at the University of Western Australia as a Visiting Professor in 1974.

Rasch psychometric models have generated a great deal of research at both theoretical and epistemological levels, and in operational and applied settings. 

The Rasch class of models are used in large-scale national and international assessment programs, to not only analyse test data, but to inform the design and construction of test items and their administration. In the field of health and medical sciences, Rasch models are used to study outcomes of rehabilitation. 

The Psychometric Laboratory contributes to research in all areas of Rasch models for measurement, in particular epistemological and applied research, and software development and has been a pioneer in the field.  

Courses and texts 

The Psychometric Laboratory teaches courses for professional development in Rasch measurement theory including Introduction to Classical Test and Rasch Measurement Theories and the Advanced Course in Rasch Measurement Theory both using the RUMM2030 software.

These courses are available from July 2023 as a micro-credential at UWA to apply see: Micro-credential Introduction to Classical Test and Rasch Measurement Theories  or Micro-credential Advanced Course in Rasch Measurement Theory

For further information please contact Natalie Carmody at natalie.carmody@uwa.edu.au



To date, the work of the Psychometric Laboratory in the field of measurement in education has impacted the quality of assessment methods used in state and national testing programs across Australia. One example of this work is the analysis of high profile NAPLAN data for the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). The work of the Psychometric Laboratory has also impacted education measurement practices internationally, backed by regular international conferences that have attracted delegates from across the globe as well as nationally. 


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