Our contribution to solving the world's Grand Challenges

We are privileged to draw on the wisdom of our place in the world. And we are privileged to have some of the world's best minds right here in Western Australia.

UWA Grand Challenges

The world’s very best minds should be focused on the key issues facing humanity. UWA will use our world-class teaching and research capabilities to address these challenges – giving our students and staff exciting opportunities to play a role in leadership and research that is crucial to the future of our planet and its people.

Our pioneering Grand Challenges approach will unite our staff, students and communities, provide a focus for our teaching and research ambitions, and embody our mission to advance ‘the prosperity and welfare of our communities’.

We commit to applying a thousand minds to these Grand Challenges. We will continue to identify ambitious projects across science and the humanities that will have a huge impact on the people of Western Australia and the Indian Ocean Rim, and will have outcomes that will benefit the whole world.

Each solution to the Grand Challenges will draw upon our existing world-class research in:

  • Our Oceans and the Marine Environment
  • Life Sciences and Building Healthy Communities
  • Environmental Science, Sustainability and Engineering
  • Peace, Justice and Culture
  • Clean Energy
  • Radioastronomy, Astrophysics and the Universe, and
  • Agriculture and Food Security.

Measures of success

Through our Grand Challenges we will contribute to real-world change through producing:

  • discussion papers
  • policy consultations and submissions
  • government reports
  • international workshops
  • student-led change projects, and
  • national action plans.

Organisations are invited to get in touch if they wish to collaborate on solutions to the Grand Challenges and leverage our expertise in these areas.

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