UWA Read

This year, UWA Read will offer all commencing students a free copy of Josephine Wilson’s Extinctions, published by UWA Publishing and winner of the 2017 Miles Franklin Award among several other prestigious prizes.

Set largely on and around a version of our very own campus, the novel asks questions about how to be human in a world facing change. Darkly funny, with an unusual central character, Extinctions is an exploration into ideas of family, adoption, belonging, identity and indigeneity. Ultimately, it tackles living, loving, and the pressures of extinction in the Anthropocene world. Find a review of the novel here.

Josephine Wilson is a Western Australian writer and academic, living in Perth. She wrote the first draft of this novel at UWA as part of her PhD in Creative Writing/English. Her work is beautifully crafted, intelligent and wonderfully engaging.

With UWA Read, you’ll join a community of readers and thinkers. You’ll have the chance to participate in conversations and competitions, meet the author, and be part of some amazing on-campus events. Be part of the community with the UWA Read discussion group on the UWA app, with the latest updates and podcasts from our own academics.

Download your Extinctions e-book from the links below.

Accessible software tips

Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA)

NVDA is a free screen reading application available for windows computers that is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft programs such as Word and PowerPoint, and has a Built-in speech synthesiser supporting over 50 languages.

More information about NVDA can be found here.

VoiceOver for macOS

VoiceOver is Apple’s inbuilt screen reading application for Mac devices. The VoiceOver screen reader describes exactly what’s happening on your screen. Hover Text lets you instantly magnify a selection of text. Display Accommodations support colour blindness and other vision needs.

For more information about VoiceOver and Apple’s other assistive technology click here.

Speak Screen for iOS

All iPads and iPhones have the ability to speak selected text or the entire screen. Speak Screen can be found in Settings > Accessibility > Spoken Content.

More information about activating Speak Screen click here.

Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is free software, which enables you to download and manage digital publications such as ebooks and files in PDF and EPUB formats. This software allows you to organise your eBooks into your own custom library and effectively annotate pages. Adobe Digital Editions is compatible with screen reading software, JAWS, NVDA or Window-Eyes on Windows and VoiceOver on Mac.

More information can be found on the Adobe Digital Editions FAQ.