Graduate entry to Pharmacy

This page is for domestic and international graduate entry applicants to the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm). School leavers who have not commenced tertiary studies should refer to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Admissions page for information regarding Direct Pathway entry.

Bachelor degree holders or students who are in progress of their first bachelor’s degree may be eligible to apply for graduate entry into the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm). Students who are in progress of their first bachelor’s degree may apply during their final year, with any course offer being conditional on completion of all bachelor’s degree requirements by 31 December of the year prior to commencement in the MPharm.

Graduate entry into the MPharm is a competitive process based on GPA and an interview process. Places are limited and are awarded to the highest-ranking applicants.

The MPharm is fully accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council. After completion of an internship in a community or hospital pharmacy, graduates are eligible to register to practise as a pharmacist in Australia and New Zealand: refer to MPharm course details for further information. 

Entry requirements

To be considered for admission into the MPharm, an applicant must:

  • have a bachelor's degree, or an equivalent qualification, as recognised by UWA. Recognised bachelor’s degrees are those conferred by Australian universities or higher education institutions recognised by the Australian Qualifications Framework or the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR). While academic results from postgraduate study will be taken into account, postgraduate studies undertaken without a bachelor’s degree cannot be accepted as an equivalent qualification
  • have the equivalent of a Faculty Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 5.0, and
  • meet the prerequisites in chemistry, mathematics, microbiology and pharmacology (refer to details below).

Applicants who can meet the prerequisites are initially ranked according to GPA, with the highest-ranking applicants being offered an interview. 

After the interviews, candidates will be ranked by GPA, and interview score (equally weighted), with the highest-ranking applicants being offered a place. Rural applicants will be ranked based on GPA, interview and rurality rating (equally weighted).

Read through all sections for a detailed understanding of the requirements.  The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Admissions team is happy to assist with any further queries.