Direct Pathway entry to Medicine and Dental Medicine for international students

This page is for international applicants to the Direct Pathway to the Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Dental Medicine. If you are not an international applicant, view other application requirements.

School leavers may be eligible to apply for a Direct Pathway to Medicine or a Direct Pathway to Dentistry. Entry is on a competitive basis, with places being offered to the highest-ranking applicants. To be considered for a place, applicants must meet minimum eligibility requirements and must not have commenced any tertiary studies, including university degree studies or vocational training at diploma level or above. 

COVID-19 and the International Direct Pathway Admissions Cycle 2020-2021

Due to COVID19 disruptions, some international students have not been able to sit ISAT during Cycle 1 (May 16- May 24 2020).  In order to be considered for 2021 entry into either Medicine or Dentistry Direct Pathways, these students must submit an application to UWA by 31 May 2020 and arrange to sit ISAT as early as possible during Cycle 2 (15 August – 23 August 2020). Visit the ISAT website for information.   

Conditional course offers cannot be issued prior to receipt of the relevant admissions test result.  Applicants should be aware that a later test sitting will delay their being ranked for and possibly receiving a course offer.  A later offer may also impact their ability to obtain a Student Visa in time for February 2021 course commencement.  

To be considered for 2021 commencement your application must be submitted to UWA by 31 May 2020. Please submit your application with as much information as you are able to provide. You or your agent will be able to provide additional information after the due date if necessary.  We will not be able to accept late applications.

Please follow the application process detailed below.  Note that UWA’s new 2021 entry pathways for School Leavers are not available for places in the FHMS Direct Pathways which are quota restricted (Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatric Medicine, and Pharmacy). As an International student you may apply for and accept a place in other UWA courses based on your predicted WACE, HSC or SACE results. Should you accept an early offer for another UWA course this will not affect your ranking for a place in a Direct Pathway. 

The interview process for international candidates is under review. The FHMS Admissions Team is monitoring the situation and will notify applicants should further changes become necessary. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries or concerns you may have. 

Successful applicants who gain a place in a Direct Pathway will commence UWA undergraduate studies and progress to their postgraduate degree without the need to sit a graduate admissions test or undergo further interviews. The International Direct Pathway place in the postgraduate MD or DMD is conditional on:

  • successful completion of a UWA bachelor’s degree with a minimum Faculty Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 5.5; and
  • retention of international student status.

International Direct Pathway students will first complete a UWA Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Arts, Commerce or Science. Students who wish to undertake a Direct Pathway via the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) require a minimum ATAR of 98 (or equivalent) to be considered.

Applicants should ensure their application preferences reflect their true career aspirations. A course offer for a Direct Pathway to Dentistry or a Direct Pathway to Medicine is specific to that course and cannot be transferred from one to the other. Direct Pathway students may apply for graduate entry into a different postgraduate course should their career aspirations change. 

International entry requirements

Entry into a Direct Pathway is competitive. Applicants will be ranked according to their academic performance, admissions test and interview score, with the highest-ranking applicants being offered a place. 

To be considered for a Direct Pathway to Medicine or a Direct Pathway to Dentistry, applicants must meet the following minimum requirements: