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At the University of Western Australia, we are proud to hold our place as a research-intensive university that is ranked in the top 1% of the world.* 

When you embark on a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at UWA, you will be welcomed into our Graduate Research School (GRS) where you will discover a broad range of support services to help you meet the challenges of a research degree.

 *QS World University Rankings 2025


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The transition into a research degree can be both challenging and exciting. You will need to be prepared to apply yourself with a much higher level of independent thinking, project planning and networking. 

The Graduate Research School provides induction, candidature advice, assistance and professional development opportunities to ensure you can make the most of your research  journey. 

Welcome from the Dean of the Graduate Research School


Congratulations on your decision to pursue a higher degree at The University of Western Australia.

You're at the start of an incredible journey that will see you learning new skills and uncovering new knowledge.

The transition into a graduate research degree involves a much higher level of independent thinking, planning and activity than many students expect. Most students find the process both challenging and exciting. The Graduate Research School provides assistance and a range of professional development opportunities to help you meet those challenges and make the most of your time with us.

By pursuing a graduate research degree, you are taking a unique opportunity to follow an area of interest, focus on this for several years and make an important contribution to the development of knowledge in your chosen area.

Your capacity for innovative, independent research, for critical thinking, and your time, project management and problem-solving skills will be challenged. You will also need to have, or to develop, excellent skills in the organisation and communication of information.

You will experience few greater senses of achievement than the day you graduate with your higher degree. I encourage you to stay focused on your goal and wish you the best of luck in your endeavours.

Professor Imelda Whelehan
Dean of the Graduate Research School

Support on your graduate research journey

Discover the broad range of support services provided for HDR students at UWA.
Application advice
We provide assistance and advice to prospective research students. Our staff can help you identify your eligibility for an HDR course, plus the academic Schools and research areas that best fit your areas of interest. 

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Research scholarships
There are many postgraduate research scholarships available for students at UWA. The GRS administers these, and assists with your application and the allocation of scholarships. 

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Induction and welcomes
Held every month, GRS welcomes can be attended in person or online. They are an important social opportunity to meet other newly enrolled students and GRS staff will provide information to help prepare you for your program of research and ensure you understand the expectations of your course.  

In addition, the GRS hosts online induction modules which provide a more detailed overview of graduate research training at UWA, from enrolment through to graduation. You will be asked to complete these modules early on in your candidature, but you can refer back to them at any time. 
Research internships
To help you get the most out of your research studies, the GRS encourages and assists you to undertake relevant internships. You may choose to design your own internship with an industry partner, or you may opt to enrol in a pre-existing internship program. 

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Managing the journey
All higher degrees by research have milestones to keep you on track. Our dedicated candidature management system, HDRhub, gives you at-a-glance information in your personal dashboard. This system allows you to check milestone and submission dates, apply for leave, share meeting notes with your supervisors and book a place at a range of training and development activities. 

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Training and skills development
The GRS provides training and development for HDR students and supervisors. We provide practical workshops to support you through every stage of candidature and help you develop the skills you need for the next stage in your career. Further training is provided by the Library, Careers and other units around campus. Check HDRhub for upcoming events.  
Thesis submission and examination
We will provide you with assistance and advice to ensure that you understand the requirements for thesis submission and examination in your course. The GRS liaises with examiners and ensures your examination stays on track.  
GRS Newsletters
The GRS produces monthly newsletters to keep you updated on events and other happenings in and around the University, with further opportunities to register for events and stay informed about your UWA research community. 

Where to direct your queries

If you have questions about your research studies in general, find your Graduate Research Coordinator contact details below
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Prospective postgraduate researchers can find more information on commencing the application process for an HDR here.

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Looking to find a research project supervisor? Prospective students should refer to the UWA Research Repository for all academic staff profiles.

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