2021 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad

Tuesday 19 October

Social Sciences Lecture Theatre

  • In person

Event details


Date and time

  • Tuesday 19 October (In School) &
    Saturday 23 October, 9am, Prize Ceremony 11.15am, Social Sciences Lecture Theatre

Event type

  • In person


  • High school students
  • Parents and guardians
  • Year 9 high school student


  • Registrations essential
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UWA, with the Western Australia Mathematical Olympiad (WAJO) Committee, will be hosting the WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad again in 2019, for all bright Year 8 and 9, as well as exceptional Year 7 students.

The aim of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics.

2021 competition details

What to Bring: Pens, pencils, and if you wish, ruler and compass

Special conditions: No calculators. Brains only

Prize Ceremony: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre at 11.15am.

For more information please visit the official WAJO Website.

How to enter

Please contact us, telephone (+61 8) 6488 3338, if your school intends to enter a team.

If you have one or two students at your school whom you would like to participate, but not enough for a full team, please let us know and we will form teams of 'allies'.

A completed registration form with names of the participating students and accompanying teachers can be submitted via email. Bank details will be provided for payment of the registration fees upon receipt of the form.

Participants email list

We have set up a WAJO participants email list. This email list is moderated to prevent spamming. It is used to notify the Principal or Heads of Mathematics Departments or others interested in or involved in the organising of school teams for the Olympiad.

Email to this list will be limited to the couple of months before the Olympiad.

Prizes and sponsors

  • University of Western Australia Department of Mathematics and Statistics - Prize for the most outstanding Year 9 student
  • Curtin Department of Mathematics and Statistics - Prize for the most outstanding Year 8 student
  • Mathematical Association of Western Australia - "Jack Bana Award for Excellence" for the most outstanding Year 9 team
  • Edith Cowan University School of Engineering and Mathematics - "David McDougall Award for Excellence for the most outstanding Year 8 team
  • New Edition Bookshop - Award for Excellence
  • Data Analysis Australia - Award for Excellence
  • Murdoch University - Award for Excellence
  • Department of Education Gifted and Talented Selection Unit - Award for Excellence
  • Cheryl Praeger Prize for best Year 7 student


Past Olympiad Winners

Other Prizes and Awards

Though not related to WAJO, a couple of prizes and awards are awarded at the WAJO closing presentation ceremony: