How UWA will shake up your degree choices

Some days, all you want is something sweet. But do you want lollies or cake? Chocolate or strawberry? Something to eat or something to drink? Is it wrong to want both?


University degrees are a bit like that too. (Bear with us a minute here.) Like treats, the options can be overwhelming, from type of degree to choice of major. And in a lot of cases, you could be stuck with one subject or the other when what you really want is a little of each.

Life got a lot easier for treat lovers when they invented the freakshake. The perfect combination of food and drink, you can add whatever you like to it and feed all your cravings in one go. But what if you could choose your university course the same way you’d choose a freakshake? Heaps of layers, with everything you want…totally sweet and totally satisfying.

Welcome to UWA. We hope you brought your appetite.


Illustrated milkshake

The basic shake

Start by choosing the flavour of your bachelor’s degree (Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce, Science, Philosophy). Just like a regular milkshake, you can get one of these anywhere; it’s what we add next that makes it special…

Cream or ice-cream?

What do you prefer to top your shake with? Can’t decide? Have both! With our bachelor’s degrees, you’re not limited to one major – if you want to study two subjects, do it. By choosing two majors you can broaden your career horizons by being able to pursue two areas. Maybe for your ideal career as a Clinical Psychologist  you want to double down on Psychology - that's fine, take two scoops! Or maybe you want to pursue a career as a Marketing Data Scientist and pair marketing and data science. The best part is you can work alongside our Future Students Advisers to tailor your degree to whatever career goals you may have. So no matter what pairing you’re hungry for, you can go right ahead and treat yourself.



Marshmallows and milkshakes. The perfect match, right? Mix them together and the whole thing just becomes better. Our complementary units are the marshmallows of your degree – add as many as you like, each one giving you extra knowledge to help you complete your major. As an Electrical Engineering Science student you could delve into both electrical and software units allowing you to work as an Electrical Engineer, Electronic Engineer as well as a Mechatronics Engineer on completion of your direct pathway. Think of it as something extra to get your teeth into. 


OK, so you can’t decide on a drink or a snack? Chuck in a doughnut. Really it should be completely separate from a shake, but they just go so well together...Same thing with our broadening units, which provide you with knowledge outside your choice of major. Here you're able to study subjects from a different area to develop skills to complement your major or pursue interests outside of your main study area like the UWA Exchange Program and develop those highly sought after 'soft skills' that employees are looking for.


Maybe you like hundreds and thousands, maybe you’d prefer nuts. Maybe you’re happy without anything at all. Sprinkles are the finishing touch to a freakshake, and elective units are the finishing touch to your degree. These ‘free choice’ units are completely up to you – learn about something new, or something you’ve always wanted to study but never had the chance to. Go as heavy or as light as you like. It’s your shake.

You can find out more about building the degree that suits you best here – just like making your own freakshake, you can be as basic or indulgent as you want. And if you want it all, you’ve come to the right place.