Most Instagrammable spots on UWA campus

We have an amazing campus, so we set out to find the most Instagramable spots!

  • Somerville Auditorium – Surrounded by pines, this is the perfect spot for a picnic, movie or Instagram photo. Located in between the Octagon Theatre and Conservatorium of Music.
Somerville auditorium
  • Succulent garden – Filled with beautiful succulents, this garden feels like a desert oasis and will fit in perfectly with your dreamy ’gram. Located outside the Wilsmore and Tattersall building.
Cactus garden
  • School of Earth and Environment – You don’t have to dig too deep to find this hidden gem. Between the Geology/Geography building and the Physics building, you’ll find this very Insta-worthy green door.
Green door
  • Blue Boat Shed – Take a five-minute stroll down Mounts Bay Road and you will find the Crawley Boat Shed.
Blue boat shed
  • Hackett Café  – With very Instagrammable décor and food, this is our go-to spot on campus for food ’gramming. Be sure to order the superfreak milkshake while you’re there!
Hacket cafe
  • Sunken Garden – If it’s good enough for weddings, it’s good enough for our Insta feed. This picturesque location can be found near the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.
Sunken garden
  • Tropical Grove – Our on-campus tropical wonderland.
Tropical grove
  • Barry J Marshall Library – If they gave a Nobel Prize for lush green walls, this would have it.
BJM library garden
  • Winthrop Hall – The most iconic spot on campus.
Winthrop hall
  • Winthrop arches – Pretty much a must-have photo on UWA student Insta feeds
Winthrop arches
  • Blue door – If it’s dreamy colours you’re after, this little blue door and white wall has you covered. Located near the glasshouse complex on the south end of campus.
Blue door