How to get the DL on UWA, (Hog)warts and all

Imagine if Harry Potter didn’t have Dumbledore watching out for him at Hogwarts…chances are he wouldn’t have got out of the first year.

Yes, even the Chosen One needed a helping hand when he was starting out – someone who used his experience and knowledge to guide the young wizard through the minefield of magical education.

Here at UWA, we understand the value of a good mentor to help you learn the ropes and build your confidence. A figure who can direct you to everything you’ll need around campus when you’re starting out, from lecture theatres and social events to the gym and even just the shops.

With UniMentor, you’ll be expertly matched with a student from your faculty, who’s in second-year or above. They’ll have been through it all before, and will be able to offer all the support and guidance you need as you settle in to UWA.

“Once I found UniMentor I began to enjoy every aspect of university life, through clubs, societies, and community services,” says Master of Professional Engineering student Michael Gunawan. “University is more than just getting a degree, and the program is the perfect platform for you to kick-start your university career.”

“It’s like having a shortcut to all the answers,” adds Biomedicine student Mitch Pratt. “My mentor helped cut through a lot of the clutter and confusion that existed for me during my first few weeks, and it set me up well for the rest of my degree.”

Like your own personal Yoda, your mentor can fill you in on what to do (or do not), and answer any questions or concerns you might have, from tips on managing your study and expanding your friendship group, to general life advice. You’ll have the chance to catch up regularly during semester, plus there are social events and trips where you can meet others who are part of the program (meaning you’ll get to know other people in your year, too).

“When I started uni, UniMentor was invaluable for all sorts of ‘silly’ questions about juggling university life; whatever it was, my mentor was there for me,” says Jenny Chang, a Medical Sciences student who went on to become a mentor herself. “I’ve met some amazing individuals through UniMentor, and I would highly recommend the program to any student looking to find meaningful friendships while studying at UWA.”

All you have to do is sign up for UniMentor once you accept your UWA offer, and we’ll match you with your perfect guide. They may not be able to teach you magic, but they can show you where to find the best coffee, and that’s basically the same thing.