Life and Environmental Science

Climate crises, food shortages and other drastic environmental changes are dramatically affecting modern life across the globe.

Global challenges

At UWA we’re progressing towards the sustainability and endurance of our environment, our food and our natural resources, but there is more work to be done.

Environmental science

Whether it’s carbon-free nuclear power or improving the reliability of renewables, new technologies are set to play a central role in the way that we produce and consume energy, and there’ll be numerous jobs created in this sector to help sustain a better future. Our researchers are also ploughing ahead to make chronic hunger and malnutrition things of the past by harnessing everything from cutting-edge DNA technologies to cell biology research and biotechnology.


1st in Australia for Environmental Science


1st in Australia for Agricultural Sciences

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Study one of our Life, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Geoscience and Environmental Science degrees and discover how we can ensure longevity for world's most precious resources. You’ll be working alongside some of Australia’s brightest minds to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for life on Earth.

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