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We live in a knowledge-based society, but how can we ensure knowledge is being shared equitably?

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Children and young adults crave the direction that confident, competent and knowledgeable teachers can provide. Almost everyone has their own story of how a favourite teacher inspired them to strive harder and push further. This is the reward that teaching brings.

There is – and will continue to be – high demand for qualified specialists to take their knowledge from the real world to the classroom. Get more out of the degree you already have by transferring your practical experience to those who are keen to absorb information and apply their new knowledge to improving themselves and others.

When you study a Master of Teaching at UWA, you’re becoming a pioneer for the future. You will inspire younger generations who can achieve their potential as individuals while making the world a better place.

Similarly, by studying a Master of Social Work, you'll be improving the lives of people in society one by one, step by step. This challenging and rewarding profession attracts dedicated and inspiring professionals who desire to make a difference to the lives of others.


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