Biochemist/ Molecular Biologist

Research the chemistry of living organisms to improve medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, environmental science and manufacturing.

Biochemist/ Molecular Biologist

Biochemists and Molecular Biologists study how living systems operate on a cellular scale, using a variety of methodologies and instrumentation. They try to understand how cells work, and to use this knowledge to understand how to treat disease, how plants make food, and to improve our overall quality of life.

Molecular Biologists and Biochemists often take a reductionist approach to understand the function of individual proteins in a cell, be it from a human, plant or microorganism. “Wet lab” experimentation is a defining feature of these roles. Increasingly, molecular biologists and biochemists are part of a multidisciplinary team, involving chemists, structural biologists, systems biologists and physiologists. Ideally, knowledge gleaned at the protein and cellular scale can be applied and understood in the context of the whole organism, the population, and even the ecosystem.

In the main, biochemists and molecular biologists are employed in the life sciences sector, with research and development roles in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Specific fields include vaccine production, drug testing, food quality control, and toxicology. Other individuals work in research institutions, in the tertiary education sector or hospital-affiliated laboratories.

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Salary Information

As a biochemist and molecular biologist you can expect an annual salary of $108,000 (+ bonus) as the average across all industries and experience levels, with a salary growth of ~2.0% per year. The typical entry level salary of scientists commences at $75,000 and ranges up to $130,000 for experienced workers. 
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Biochemist/ Molecular Biologist

Research courses to pursue this career

Research study is generally required for this occupation.

Relevant research courses include: