UWA Guaranteed Accommodation

UWA now offers guaranteed accommodation to all new full-time students.

A guaranteed home for new students

Organise your accommodation now so you can focus on planning your studies and enjoying the time before uni starts.

Take a look at our five residential colleges, each of which offers a unique campus living experience. Our Guaranteed Accommodation Offer means you can pick any of these options or choose UWA-owned off-campus housing (Crawley Village) or the student accommodation in Perth’s CBD that’s been endorsed by us. Either way, you’re guaranteed a bed. Just one thing – while we can guarantee your place, you'll still need to pay the usual accommodation fees and costs. 

Who's eligible?

New full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students

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Domestic and international students

Exchange students and study abroad students

Transferring students from other institutions

Taylors College Foundation Program students

Centre for English Language Teaching students

Our residential colleges

St Catherine's College

St Catherine’s College offers on-campus accommodation with superb facilities for 400 university students. It is a college where residents succeed academically and make lifelong friendships.

St George's College

St George's College supports your personal, social and intellectual development, while offering student care, wide opportunities and a fully inclusive package.

St Thomas More College

St Thomas More College, redeveloped in 2016, has 400 single rooms with a thriving outreach and career development program as well as an inclusive community.

Trinity Residential College

Trinity Residential College provides a fully catered living-learning community for 350 students, set among lush gardens, which includes a second-to-none experience in academic support and pastoral care. 

University Hall

University Hall is UWA’s own residential college, providing more than 750 students with a vibrant community complete with events, programs, pastoral care and personal support.

Off-campus accommodation

Off-campus accommodation suits students who want a more independent style of living or the benefits of living in the Perth CBD. Postgraduate and mature-age students might prefer living in Crawley Village, an informal grouping of UWA-owned apartment-style housing in the streets neighbouring the University.

In 2019, two new student housing options opened in Perth’s CBD. We have endorsed both The Boulevard and Campus Perth as accommodation options for our students. Both offer shared and single occupancy rooms.

Terms and conditions

  • UWA’s Guaranteed Accommodation Offer applies to single occupancy only and this offer is not available for couples or families.
  • You must be a new UWA student studying full-time, commencing studies from Semester 2, 2019 onwards.
  • To secure your place you must pay all accommodation fees and costs as per the provider and lease agreement.
  • If you are applying to live at UWA off-campus accommodation, known as Crawley Village, or one of the UWA-endorsed accommodation providers in Perth’s CBD, you must complete the online form.
  • To be eligible for the guarantee, you must have applied through the correct application pathway.
  • You must accept your UWA offer:
    • Domestic students must finalise their acceptance two weeks before Orientation Week.
    • International students must have made their first payment in full two weeks before Orientation Week or before any other deadline given by the Admissions team.
  • You must accept your accommodation offer within 48 hours of receiving it.
  • UWA can’t guarantee you will receive your first preference for accommodation, but we’ll try our best to offer you your preferred residence.

We are unable to guarantee accommodation for:

  • Students who apply for the offer two weeks (or less) before the UWA orientation program start date cannot be guaranteed accommodation, but we will endeavour to accommodate you.
  • Students with a second round TISC offer can apply for accommodation but availability cannot be guaranteed.

Contact us

If you have any questions about UWA's Guaranteed Accommodation Offer, contact our team.