Assured Pathway entry to Pharmacy for international students

This page is for international school leaver applicants to the Assured Pathway to Pharmacy. View all other application requirements for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

School leavers may be eligible to apply for an Assured Pathway to Pharmacy. Entry is on a competitive basis, with places being offered to the highest-ranking applicants. To be considered for a place, applicants must meet minimum eligibility requirements and must not have commenced any tertiary studies, including university degree studies or vocational training at diploma level or above.

Successful applicants who gain a place in an Assured Pathway will commence UWA undergraduate studies and, on completion, progress to the Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) without the need to undergo further interviews. The Assured Pathway place in the MPharm is conditional on:

  • successful completion of a UWA bachelor’s degree with specified prerequisites and a minimum Faculty Grade Point Average (FGPA) of 5.0; and
  • retention of international student status.

International Assured Pathway students will first complete a UWA Bachelor of Arts, Biomedical Science, Commerce or Science. Students who wish to undertake an Assured Pathway via the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (BPhil) require a minimum ATAR of 98 (or equivalent) to be considered.

An Assured Pathway is specific to an international place in a particular postgraduate course. Applicants should therefore ensure their application preferences reflect their true career aspirations. An Assured Pathway to the MPharm cannot be transferred to a different postgraduate course. Assured Pathway students may apply for graduate entry into a different postgraduate course should their career aspirations change.

Entry requirements

Minimum ATAR of 94 or equivalent, and interview

  • A-Levels 14:
    • Applicants who will not receive their final A-Level result may receive an offer with the condition that their final result is consistent with their predicted result.
    • Applicants with a conditional offer may commence in their undergraduate degree in February (before their A-level results are released in March). If their final result does not meet the condition, the applicant will lose their Assured Pathway place in the MPharm but will not lose their place in the bachelor’s degree, and would be able to apply later for graduate entry to the MPharm.
  • International Baccalaureate 33.
  • Other overseas qualifications.
  • Applicants who will not have their final results by the application closing date may apply based on a predicted result provided by their school. Refer to application timelines and due dates. Course offers will be conditional on the actual result being consistent with the predicted result.

Application timelines and due dates
  • International applications for the Assured Pathway to Pharmacy open 1 March and close 31 August the year prior to commencement.
  • Applications are via UWA’s online application system. International students may also apply via an authorised international education agent.
  • Applicants whose final results are not available by the application closing date must submit a Predicted ATAR form (fillable RTF 917KBPDF 249KB).
  • Interview arrangements are under review due to continued COVID19 disruptions. More information will be provided as it becomes available.
  • Timing of course offers to be advised.
  • Applicants who attain a place in the Assured Pathway to Pharmacy will commence their UWA bachelor’s degree in semester one (late February).
  • Applicants who are offered an International Assured Pathway to Pharmacy may be eligible to defer commencement for one year. Students who are required to fulfil a national service obligation may defer for up to two years.
International school leaver status

Assured Pathways are exclusive to school leaver applicants, that is, completing or recently completed Australian year 12 or equivalent, or undertaking a national service obligation directly following school completion, and have not commenced in university studies or vocational training at AQF diploma level or above.

  • Applicants must have international student status. That is, applicants who have Australian or New Zealand Citizenship, or Australian Permanent Residency, including dual citizenship holders, must apply via TISC for a domestic place.
  • Applicants must not have commenced tertiary studies, including university degree studies or vocational training at diploma level or above. Applicants who have commenced in tertiary studies may apply via Graduate Entry.
  • Assured Pathways are not available via Mature Age Entry. Mature Age applicants may work towards Graduate Entry.  (Students who will technically reach Mature Age status while in progress of a national service obligation will be considered as school leaver applicants.)
English language competency (ELC)

All applicants are required to meet the English language competency level (ELC) for The University of Western Australia.

Prerequisite and recommended subjects

Assured Pathway students will first complete a UWA bachelor’s degree before commencing their second degree. In addition to English language competency requirements, there may be other prerequisites depending on the chosen major. In most cases, students who have not undertaken prerequisite subjects may undertake bridging units as part of their bachelor’s degree studies.

The following ATAR or equivalent subjects are recommended, or may be taken as Level 1 university units:

  • Chemistry
  • Human Biology or Biology
  • Maths Applications or above
Course structure and curriculum

Assured Pathway students will undertake a UWA bachelor’s degree of their choice before progressing to the MPharm. Assured Pathway students must complete their bachelor’s degree with MPharm prerequisites and a minimum GPA of 5.0 and will then commence the Master of Pharmacy. The minimum period to complete both degrees is five years.

The default option is the Bachelor of Biomedical Science with the Pharmacology major; however, students on a Assured Pathway may choose to undertake any UWA bachelor’s degree. This provides our students with the opportunity to build a unique skill set that will suit their interests and support their long-term career goals. Students who have an interest in research may like to undertake an honours year before proceeding to their postgraduate professional studies. Students who undertake an honours year, including those enrolled in the Bachelor of Philosophy, will take a minimum of six years to complete both degrees.

Students choose a degree-specific majors and may choose to add a second major from any field. This allows students to combine diverse interests for a unique degree. A student who has an interest in legal issues surrounding use of drugs may combine Pharmacology with Law and Society. Students with an interest in promoting drug awareness may combine a Biomedical Science major with Science Communication or Communication and Media Studies. Students who aspire to management may like to incorporate a major from the Bachelor of Commerce.

Students on a Assured Pathway to the MPharm must ensure that their chosen course of study for their bachelor’s degree will fulfil the prerequisites. These units may be incorporated into any UWA bachelor’s degree as major, complementary, elective or broadening units. Note these are recommendations and it is not a requirement to undertake the specific listed units. Units with similar content may be taken instead. Some units have prerequisites, so refer to the linked unit details.

  • Chemistry – Year 12 ATAR Chemistry is accepted, or a tertiary chemistry unit, for example Introductory Chemistry CHEM1003
  • Mathematics OR Statistics – Year 12 ATAR Mathematics Applications or higher is accepted, or a tertiary mathematics or statistics unit, for example Mathematics Fundamentals MATH1720 or Statistics for Science STAT1400
  • Microbiology – for example, Introductory Microbiology MICR2208 or Infectious Diseases and Immunology MICR2209
  • Pharmacology – for example, Foundations of Pharmacology PHAR2210 (Drugs that Changed the World PHAR1101 does not qualify as a prerequisite unit for Pharmacology)

The extended major Microbiology and Immunology and Pharmacology with Maths ATAR or an elective math or stats unit will fulfil the prerequisites. Students who graduate with the Microbiology and Immunology major will be eligible for membership in the Australian Society of Microbiology (ASM), providing an additional professional qualification with the Assured Pathway to Pharmacy.

For students who wish to do a different major or double major, it is recommended to include the following during the first year as major, complementary, elective or broadening units:

  • SCIE1106 Molecular Biology of the Cell
  • One of BIOL1130 Frontiers in Biology, ANHB1101 Human Biology I: Becoming Human, or ANHB1102 Human Biology II: Being Human; and
  • Either CHEM1002 Chemistry—Structure and Reactivity or CHEM1004 Biological Chemistry

These units are prerequisites for Level 2 Microbiology and Pharmacology units.

Final ranking and availability of places
  • Final ranking will be based on ATAR or equivalent and interview score, equally weighted.
  • Up to six places will be offered for the International Assured Pathway to Pharmacy.

Interview arrangements are currently under review due to continuing COVID19 disruptions.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Changes to citizenship or residency status

If you have applied or are intending to apply for Australian permanent residency or citizenship, be aware of the following implications for your application:

Registration upon completion

On completion of the MPharm, graduates will have both an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree, ensuring they have a well-rounded skill set as well as the specialist skills needed in their professional career.

Internship and registration for pharmacists

Graduates will be eligible to apply for provisional registration as a pharmacist in Australia or New Zealand, and are required to complete an internship in order to apply for general registration. The internship is a period of supervised practice required by the Pharmacy Board of Australia to be eligible to apply for general registration as a pharmacist.

Graduates who did not complete the majority of their education in English in a recognised country may be subject to additional English language requirements for registration.

For further details regarding registration requirements, refer to the Pharmacy Board.