National Science Week 2022 | Petrology in the Pub: Geological origins of glass

Monday 15 August

UWA Campus

  • In-person

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  • UWA Campus

Date and time

  • 15 August 2022

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  • In-person


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  • Community

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  • Free

Petrology in the Pub: Geological origins of glass
2022 National Science Week

UWA is hosting a series of events on campus this year for National Science week, and we would love for you to join us!

Petrology in the Pub, UWA Tavern: Monday 15 August, 6pm-8pm

The glass that holds our favourite cold fizzy liquids is actually rapidly cooled molten silica, we know this by studying rocks and the processes that form and transform them, this is more commonly known as Petrology!

Grab a drink chilled in molten silica and join us for an immersive space-themed evening. Hear from our stellar petrologist Professor Tony Kemp and Dr Naomi Tucker, as they discuss natural geological processes that produce volcanic glasses like obsidian and pele’s hair, and extra-terrestrial impacts that create glassy black tektites and molten silicates in impact craters. You will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with unique specimens from the Edward de Courcy Clarke Earth Science Museum.

Our stellar petrologists for the night will be Professor Tony Kemp (Associate Professor) and Dr Naomi Tucker (Metamorphic Petrologist and Lecturer) from the UWA School of Earth Sciences. Collectively they have given several lectures in petrology, mineralogy and dynamic planets to our undergraduate students studying Geology and Geochemistry.

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*Please note: This is an 18+ event only. Beverages are not included with ticket registration, and can be purchased separately at the event.