Health and Welfare Services Manager

Plan and coordinate professional and administrative aspects of health and welfare programs and services.

Health and Welfare Services Manager

As a health and welfare services manager you will be involved in a wide range of activities.

You could be expected to:

  • formulate policies and plans for the operation of childcare, health, welfare and educational establishments and the setting of standards and objectives
  • develop and implement programs and services to meet the needs of clients
  • direct and coordinate the allocation of resources
  • liaise with parents, boards, funding bodies, the community and educational institutions to discuss areas of cooperation and coordination
  • direct administrative operations such as budget planning; report preparation; monitoring and controlling expenditure; student admissions; and selecting, developing and managing the performance of staff
  • prepare or arrange for the preparation of reports, budgets and forecasts
  • represent the organisation in negotiations and at conventions, conferences, seminars, public hearings and forums

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Undergraduate Courses To Become

Health and Welfare Services Manager

Postgraduate Courses To Become

Health and Welfare Services Manager

Coursework courses to pursue this career

Postgraduate study is not necessarily required for this occupation, but may be helpful for career advancement.

Relevant postgraduate courses include: