Robin Winkler Clinic

Treating psychological and neuropsychological difficulties in the community

The Robin Winkler Clinic provides individual and group psychological treatment and neuropsychological assessment for people of all ages and backgrounds. The clinic is linked with the School of Psychological Sciences at The University of Western Australia. At the clinic, provisionally registered postgraduate students undergoing their training in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology, carry out assessment and treatment under the expert supervision of experienced clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists.

The clinic also provides paediatric and adult neuropsychological assessments. Children and adults with known or suspected cognitive, attentional or learning difficulties resulting from trauma, disease or genetic conditions can be referred for a comprehensive neuropsychological assessment.

Assessments are conducted by postgraduate clinical neuropsychology trainees who are trained in understanding how the brain works and how it affects our behaviour, thinking and personality. A wide range of activities are used to assess an individual’s specific skills, including concentration, memory, language and problem solving, and level of academic functioning and their learning profile. Assessments can cover several activities such as answering questions, remembering certain information and writing things down.

A variety of group therapy programs are run throughout the year. The programs use the latest research in a supportive environment to help individuals overcome life challenges. Group therapy options include a worry management group, a blood injury and injection phobia group and the Cool Kids anxiety group.

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Psychological services

Psychological treatment is available for adults and children with a wide range of difficulties. Some of the issues treated include:


  • depression
  • anxiety
  • grief
  • stress
  • sleep disturbances
  • anger
  • eating disturbances
  • weight management
  • quitting smoking
  • phobias

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The Swan Centre

The Swan Centre is a team of highly qualified clinicians providing specialist treatment to individuals with eating and weight disorders. They work with patients, carers and other health professionals to address issues relating to eating, weight, dieting and body image. The centre assists patients to overcome their issue and move forward in life.

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PATCHES Paediatrics

PATCHES Paediatrics delivers child development and early intervention services to hard-to-reach children and young people. Their clinicians provide diagnostic services for a range of neurodevelopment conditions and disabilities, with specialist expertise in Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) diagnosis and therapy/support.

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