Special consideration

Special consideration allows your faculty to take into account significant factors that may have affected your academic preparation or performance. UWA has established a policy to recognise and support the differing needs of students balancing life and university study. View the University Policy on Special Consideration for more information.

Coronavirus update

We understand this semester has been challenging and that your studies may be affected by the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic.

In these extraordinary circumstances, we would like to support students by granting special consideration in a way that does not additionally burden our healthcare system.

For this reason, in Semester 1, you can apply for up to two weeks of special consideration without supplying supporting evidence.

Let us know what type of special consideration you need to stay on track this semester by completing the Request for extension and submitting it online.

If your circumstances have impacted your ability to study for more than 14 days, you should use the usual application for special consideration process detailed on this page.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for special consideration if your study has been adversely affected by illness or other significant circumstances outside your control.

Significant circumstances may include but are not limited to:

  • death or serious illness of a member of your immediate family or household or of a close friend
  • serious injury
  • being a victim of a crime
  • breakdown of relationship
  • sudden loss of income or employment
  • serious disruption to domestic arrangements
  • or other significant circumstances

The following are not grounds for special consideration:

  • pre-arranged holiday travel
  • social events (such as birthdays)
  • usual rostered work commitments
  • your study load
  • misunderstanding/misreading an examination timetable or assessment deadline
  • computer and/or IT failure

What help can I receive?

Likely outcomes of applying for and being granted special consideration can vary.

You may be:

  • granted an extension for an assignment
  • permitted to withdraw from your unit without academic penalty
  • offered a deferred examination
  • permitted exemption or alternate opportunity granted for an assessment item

How do I apply?

You need to submit your application in person or online via askUWA no later than three university working days after the date your exam was due to take place, your class held or your assessment was due.

Your Student Advising Office may be able to extend this deadline if you can provide evidence that exceptional circumstances prevented you from submitting your application on time.

If seeking consideration of five calendar days or less, a medical certificate will be sufficient.

However, if you are seeking special consideration on the grounds of illness for a period of more than five calendar days, section 5 of the application form must be fully completed by a relevant medical professional.

Applications without this will not receive assessment.

Within the limits of confidentiality, certificates should provide sufficient detail on the nature and seriousness of the illness so an equitable performance assessment can be made.

Applications on other grounds are best supported by a relevant healthcare and/or legal professional, who is sufficiently qualified and informed to make a comprehensive and objective assessment of the severity of your circumstances.

The kind of documentation you need will depend on the situation, but should indicate the period of time that you have been affected and the level of impact on your studies. Certificates signed by family members are not acceptable.

If you have difficulty obtaining sufficient documentation within three university working days from the deadline, contact your Student Advising Office for advice.


When you’re ready to apply, download and fill out the application form.


What's next?

You should be notified of the outcome of your application within three university working days.

There are three possible outcomes to an application: approved, declined, or ineligible.

An application is deemed ineligible if you fail to follow the requirements of the Policy by:

  • submitting your application late without evidence to substantiate an inability to meet the deadline,
  • failing to provide any documentation, or
  • failing to provide appropriate documentation to substantiate the grounds on which you are seeking special consideration

Request a review

If your application is approved but you are granted a different accommodation to what you requested, you have the right to request a review.

If your application has been declined, you also have the right to request a review.

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