Before and during your exams

We're here to support you with important information on preparing for and attending your exams. 


Exam timetable

Your personal exam timetable is published on studentConnect and the UWA app five weeks before end of semester exams and four weeks before end of trimester exams. It will display the date, time and venue for each of your exams. Exam start times are 9am, 2pm and 4pm. If the venue for your exam says ‘SCHOOL – Examination organised by School’, contact the school teaching the unit for your exam venue information.

Ten days before the start of the exam period, your personal timetable will also display your seat number within the venue for each of your exams. Don't worry if you forget your seat number, a list of student IDs and seat numbers will be displayed at the entrance to the exam venue.

We cannot provide timetable information over the phone.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers are available to staff and students via OneSearch.

What can I bring?

Unauthorised material cannot be in your pocket, on your person or on your desk in the exam. Instead, place these items in your bag or turned off and face up on the floor under your desk. If you’re unsure about an item, check with an Exam Supervisor.

If you have an analogue watch, remove it and place it on the desk in front of you. All other watches must be placed in your bag or under your desk.

A list of items permitted in the exam can be viewed here: EXCEL DOC

If you have an item you’re unsure about, ask one of the exam supervisors before the exam starts.

On your table

Stationery symbol
Pen, pencil, ruler and set square, eraser
Calculator symbol
UWA-approved calculator
Bottle of water symbol
Water in a transparent bottle and label-less

In your bag

Smartphone symbol
Smartwatch symbol
Smart watches
Fork and spoon symbolising 'food'
Peaked cap symbol
Caps and hats
Wallet symbol
iPod symbol
MP3 players and products with an electronic communication or storage facility

Approved calculators

Your calculator:

  • must not be programmable, display graphics or have any connectivity capability such as Bluetooth
  • must have a UWA-approved calculator sticker. Get one from studentCentral, any Student Advising Office or at any of our six university libraries (which have extended opening hours during exams)  

If your calculator is not approved, it will be confiscated for the exam with no exceptions. No spare calculators are provided in the exam venue. Calculator cases must be left in your bag or placed under your chair.


What if I'm late?

You should arrive 15 minutes before written exams and 20 minutes before practical exams.

If you're up to 30 minutes late, you can still sit the exam but you will not be granted extra time.

If you’re more than 30 minutes late for your exam or have misread your timetable and miss your scheduled exam, you’ll be unable to sit the exam in the next session. Eligibility for special consideration is based on the guidelines outlined in the University Policy on Special Consideration and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Visit your Student Advising Office for advice on your options.


The Exam Supervisor will remind you of these rules at the start of each exam. If the instructions are unclear or you’re unable to hear the instructions, raise your hand, wait for an Exam Supervisor and ask for clarification.

If you have any questions about the rules or have a particular concern, contact the Exams team via askUWA.


  • Declare unauthorised material, such as a mobile phone, smart watch or any electronic devices, in your possession or on your desk during the exam
  • Follow the instructions given by the Exam Supervisor


  • Communicate with each other during the exam
  • Remove the question paper, answer booklet or any pages from the exam room

These rules apply regardless of whether the material is being used when it is found. You should be aware of the University policies on Assessment, Academic Conduct and Student Conduct and Discipline.

Other important information

  • Student ID

    You can’t sit your exam without your Campus Card. If you need a new or replacement Campus Card, visit Student Central. Place your card on the right-hand corner of your desk facing away from you.

  • Emergency

    In the event of an emergency, follow the instructions given by the Exam Supervisors who will direct you to the exit point, and the evacuation assembly point for the venue. During an evacuation, you can’t talk or communicate in any way to anyone except an Exam Supervisor.

  • Falling ill

    If you’re feeling unwell during your exam, raise your hand. An Exam Supervisor will assist you or escort you to the Medical Centre if required.

  • Questions about your exam paper

    If you have a question about your exam paper, raise your hand and wait for an Exam Supervisor. The Exam Supervisor will contact your unit coordinator on your behalf if your question relates to the exam content.

  • Toilet breaks

    You may not leave the exam venue during the first 30 minutes or the last 10 minutes of the exam – this includes going to the toilet. In a one-hour exam, you are not allowed to leave the venue during the exam.

  • Checking your exam paper

    When instructed to do so by the Exam Supervisor, check the front of the exam paper. Make sure you have the correct paper and that the paper is complete. The number of pages is on the front page.

  • Time

    The clocks in the exam venue are only a guide. A timer is used to time the exam. The Exam Supervisor will let you know when there are 10 minutes left. You are not allowed to stand up or leave the venue until all papers have been collected after the exam has finished. No extra time is permitted to complete information on exam booklets or multiple-choice sheets at the end of the exam.

What's next?

To find out about grades, unit results and progressing in your course, visit Results and progressions. For help with your exams, visit Study success or Special consideration.

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