Sense of belonging

Be a part of the ‘Belonging’ exhibition

Whether you’re a domestic, international, undergraduate, postgraduate, on-campus or online student, we’d love to know what a sense of belonging to UWA looks like to you.

Upload your favourite pic  by 31 August 2021 and provide a short overview about yourself and how the image represents your own sense of belonging to UWA.

Your image will form part of a special “Belonging” exhibition that students will be invited to attend both in-person and online during Semester 2, with the opportunity to win prizes.

First prize: $500

Second prize: $200

Third prize: $50

Photo competition T & Cs [ 98KB, PDF]

Enter now

woman with dslr camera

A key element of the UWA Student Experience is for all students to feel a sense of belonging. But what does this mean to YOU?

Take a photo of something that makes you feel a sense of belonging to UWA and submit it as part of our exhibition for a chance to win!

Sam Lloyd, UWA Photography Club President, shared her thoughts about the concept of belonging, “Recently I’ve discovered a sense of belonging can’t always be found in a place or a home, but in a feeling, in a moment or in yourself. Whether that’s feeling well-rested after a good 10 hours sleep for the first time post-exams, shared laughter over boxes of pizza with friends, or within yourself, walking in the rain to your 9am class. A sense of belonging moves with you as you move, and I’m lucky to have experienced that during my time at UWA.”


Enjoying the simple pleasures in life at UWA

Photo credit: Shreesh Bhaurao Bokade
Instagram: @shreesh_bokade
Linkedin: Shreesh Bokade

Red leaves octagon theatre
 2 students walking and chatting while taking photos

What is a “sense of belonging”?

A sense of belonging has been described as one of our most important needs. “Belonging” means that you feel accepted, included, a sense of connectedness or a part of something else.

For example, we recently asked a group of UWA students to indicate what makes them feel a sense of belonging to UWA. The top five responses were:

  1. seeing familiar faces
  2. having friends
  3. knowing staff who have my best interests at heart
  4. being confident to be me
  5. feeling like UWA is a second home/ home away from home
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