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A globe of the world

Changing the world through international relations

04/09/2020 |

Is one of your life goals to make your mark on this world? To change the course of history, make a difference to people’s lives or improve the welfare of communities on a global scale?

When you picture yourself five years from now, are you leading diplomatic negotiations, developing foreign policy or tackling global crises?

If you said yes to any of those, a Master of International Relations may be for you.

The world needs thought leaders and change makers now more than ever.

What is a Master of International Relations?

A Master of International Relations  will give you the skills and knowledge you need to tackle international issues head-on by understanding politics, relationships, developments and possibilities in the global system, including within our dynamic Indo-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

You’ll link theory to practice in relation to major powers, regional dynamics and global issues, and put yourself in the shoes of policymakers and diplomats responding to international crises.

You’ll undertake analysis of challenges relating to international security, the international political economy, the evolution of international society and governance in the international system.

Eric – an everyday hero

Second-year Master of International Relations student Eric chose the field as it combines several topics of interest – history, economics, politics and world affairs – and plays to his love of travel.

“It is a dynamic and continually evolving field, and is incredibly relevant to the events happening in the world today. I firmly believe it is a field where I can make a genuine difference.”

Eric’s interest in world affairs and passion for effecting positive change led him to assist in the 2020 Australian bushfire recovery efforts, leading a team of 21 soldiers and aiding in the broader planning and coordination of the recovery efforts, helping local communities get back on their feet. Eric is set to commence his graduate position at the Australian Government Department of Defence in 2021. 

“You don’t have to be a superhero. We’re all just regular people who are committed to helping our communities.”


A Master of International Relations is for you if you seek:

  1. a rewarding career in foreign affairs and diplomacy, government, international and non-governmental organisations, the media, education and more
  2. to engage with active networks of experts, policymakers and practitioners
  3. expertise in international relations in our region and the wider global system

Our Master of International Relations is subsidised by the Australian Government as a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), so it’s now more affordable than ever.

You may also be interested in our Graduate Certificate in International Relations, Graduate Diploma in International Relations or Master of International Law and Master of International Relations. These courses are also CSP. 

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