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A shot of two people orchestrating a sport science experiment at a university in Perth, Australia. They are tracking the movement of an athlete

What career can I get from a degree in sport science, exercise and health?

10/07/2024 |

Are you interested in all things sports, exercise and health but not sure how to turn your passion into a career? Find out more about the diverse career opportunities available when you study a sport science, exercise, and health degree at UWA.  

Whether you want to pursue teaching, working with athletes, or helping people with medical conditions, there's a path for everyone to exciting career possibilities in this dynamic field. 

Shape future generations

Career: Physical education (PE) teacher

PE teachers play a vital role in promoting health and fitness among students while instilling a love for physical activity. With a degree in sport science, exercise, and health combined with education, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of educating and inspiring young minds. Beyond the classroom, PE teachers also contribute to community and corporate education initiatives, making a lasting impact on society.

Course options (postgraduate qualifications required for all courses): 

*required for the Health and Physical Education (HPE) Major. Students with Exercise and Health Major could do HPE as a minor. Those with professional experience (e.g. coach) could be considered for a major.

Elevate Performance through science 

Career: Sport Scientist 

If you’re intrigued by athletic performance, a career as a sport scientist offers a pathway that delves into areas such as exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, and psychology to enhance athletes' capabilities. From optimising training regimens to fine-tuning nutrition plans, sport scientists play a pivotal role in athletes' success. Opportunities in a diverse and rewarding career path include elite sports institutes, professional team sports, and sports organisations such as the Western Force.

Course options: 

Transform lives with therapeutic exercise 

Career: Clinical exercise physiologist

Clinical exercise physiology uses exercise as a powerful tool to prevent, heal and rehabilitate. Clinical exercise physiologists specialise in designing and delivering tailored exercise programs for individuals with medical conditions, disabilities, or injuries. By promoting rehabilitation and improving quality of life, you’ll make a profound impact on client well-being. You could work in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and community health services, offering a fulfilling career dedicated to helping others. 

Course options: 

Explore diverse career trajectories

Career: Health promotion officer

Studying in the field of sport science, exercise, and health can open doors to opportunities in health promotion, occupational health and safety, research and more. The possibilities are endless and can range from health consulting to community health promotion. As a professional in this field, you’ll contribute to public health policies, research initiatives, and community interventions, making a tangible difference in improving population health. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, careers in health promotion and research offer avenues for growth and impact.

Course options: 

Navigate the path to success in sport science, exercise and health 

Careers: sport manager, health consultant, community health promoter, occupation health and safety officer, health policy analyst, researcher and many more 

Whether you're drawn to teaching, sports science, clinical exercise physiology, or beyond, there's a path tailored to your interests and aspirations.  

As you navigate your journey, consider the diverse opportunities available and the impact you can make in promoting health and well-being. With dedication, passion, and a commitment to excellence, you can forge a rewarding and fulfilling career in this dynamic and ever-evolving field. 

Other course options: 

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