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Seek Wisdom: Behind the scenes

15/05/2020 | 2 MIN

Real UWA students


No actors. No make-up. No wardrobe. Just real UWA students. 

What does wisdom mean in today’s world? We asked real UWA students and graduates what they thought – and why the world needs to ‘Seek Wisdom’ more than ever.

Law and Society student and President of Dance UWA, Ella Tweedie, said, “Being wise isn’t always associated with young people. I think it’s really important, especially with everything going on in our world, for us to be wise.” 

“It’s our responsibility to look after our environment and make a change…it’s in our hands now. We need to make a move before it’s too late."

Ella Tweedie, Law and Society student

Samantha Sankey, double majoring in Neuroscience and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, was interviewed on her very first day at UWA.  

As part of one of the university’s first neo-digital native cohorts, Samantha believes Generation Z is uniquely positioned to tackle global challenges. “Every generation faces different global challenges. Because our generation has grown up with social media, we have developed a sense of togetherness – and that we can get things done, even if we’re one other sides of the world.”

Grace Scullett-Dean is a PhD student on a mission to take waste products from mining and turn them into something useful – soil.

“I think ‘Seek Wisdom’ is very relevant to me because what excites me is being able to discover something new that no one else has ever found before. The whole point of a PhD is to seek new wisdom.”

Grace Scullett-Dean, PhD Student

Nicola Haste, a Mechanical Engineering student, and project manager for the UWA Motorsport Club, said, “For me, seeking wisdom is learning – continuously learning – how to be better.”

Kamsani Bin Salleh, UWA Communications and Media graduate, working artist, and 2018’s WA Young Person of the Year, summed up the university’s motto best: “The world changes. Information changes. Keep questioning.”

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